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Ice Sculptures After a Fire - Chicago (1)

Ice Sculptures After a Fire – Chicago

Firefighters in Chicago responded to the largest fire in years last night. According to The Chicago Tribune, at one point a third of the city’s firefighters were battling the blaze at a vacant warehouse.
Luckily no one was hurt, but the arctic temperatures the area is experiencing meant the firefighters faced issues like frozen hydrants.
The pictures of the action, however, are made simply stunning because of the ice. Have a look… Continue reading

Photo-Project Heroes "More than a job," by Brian Day (1)

Photo-Project Heroes “More than a job,” by Brian Day

Firefighters regularly demonstrate extraordinary courage, risking their lives for the good of society. This series aims to show pictures of their humanity and courage, which often go unnoticed.

Detroit photographer Brian Day from 2009 to 2012 photographs local heroes-firefighters at work. Black and white images best convey the horror and drama with which the fire stations to employees constantly have to face. Have a look……. Continue reading

Amazing Fire Art - Devil Burning From Matches (9)

Impressive Fire Art – “The Devil” Burning From Matches

Incredible sculpture by David Mach, entitled “The Devil” is made entirely of matchsticks. he was a part of his exhibition “A valuable light: the King James Bible, 1611-2011″, which is held in Edinburgh. In the event the creator of spectacular sculpture ignited his own, to get something new and amazing. People are lucky who attended the even,the final sculpture seemed even more impressive. Below you will see a consistent picture of the combustion process, “the Devil” as well as some information about the artist…. Continue reading