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Incredible Cakes From Jeanne Zubov, Just Amazing (3)

Incredible Cakes From Jeanne Zubov, Just Amazing for this Christmas 2013…….

Once Jeanne Zubov notable kulinarka and artist from St. Petersburg, decided to surprise the guests and to the process of baking a cake next approached creatively. Since then, she prepares sweet artwork on order not to repeat the plot. Preparation begins with the most cake sketch, and if it is an architectural cake – then with the drawing. Once Jeanne molded decoration directly from the monitor screen, putting video on pause. Orders for private clients artist bakes home, from cakes weighing three to five pounds to 20-30 kilogram multistory towers. For decoration used paint shops, sweet mastic and marzipan. At one large cake decorating can take up to three days, but wanting to wait is a lot. According to Jeanne, the largest and most expensive cakes bought for beloved women and children. Especially popular are fabulous and the Soviet motives. Continue reading

Coffee Art For Coffee Lovers (25)

Coffee Art For Coffee Lovers

Artist Cheming Fights (Cheeming Boey), finding no paper in hand, made ​​a sketch on a disposable
coffee cup. This idea fascinated master and he began to create drawings on paper plates,
with the usual black marker. This format painting artist practicing since 2006.
His work recognized form of modern art. And the price for cups is 120 – 220 dollars. Continue reading

Photoguide on Sooo Weird Edible Insects How To Eat?

Everyone remembers the cartoon “The Lion King” and one of the most fun of his characters – Timon and Pumbaa. And now remember what they ate. “Eww, insects” – remember you with disgust, “the moment.” However, the insects feed on these days not onlyto animals, but also to people. Moreover, some consider them to be a real delicacy. If you are tired of traditional food from different countries, feel free to scroll our list of the most popular edible insects and be inspired by new culinary feats. but if are vegetarian then dont see this even, you will not like it, same as me. Continue reading

Strange Halloween Food You Have Ever Seen??? (23)

Strange Controversial Halloween Food You Have Ever Seen???

One of the reasons why Halloween  is a favorite holiday of many, lies in the fact that it provides an occasion to show imagination. Whether you are can design the perfect costume, decorate a house in the style of “The Haunted Mansion” or create a terrible treats for guests – it does not matter, most importantly,just be creative! Well, in this post we invite you to look at rather “controversial” dishes: on the one hand, it is quite edible and delicious dishes that we all love to eat, and, on the other hand, they are made in a style that, at times, want to return back to your normal breakfast.
In a word, delicious, but it looks awful.

Please let me know in comment are you ready to eat this or not?

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Sweet Carmel Apple Receipes For Home (1)

Yummy Carmel Apple Receipes For Home

You want to plan for a spicy Halloween Party. Try making a small but spice caramel apple at home. Regular caramel apples seem to be left un-finish, perhaps due to the large desert size granny smith apple trying to fit in one’s mouth or the over abundance of that sooo sweet caramel sauce sticking to every corner of your teeth or the thing became a entire mess and was left as a disaster. Or perhaps I just hated the entire experience. However when finding these recipes, second thoughts crossed the mind. As the band Cibo Matto says, “So sweet and spicy.”
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Start Your Day With Rich Protein..... (1)

Start Your Day With Rich Protein…..

The active and healthy lifestyle is very important for perfect life, but how much do we really know about it? Well exercising daily and the diet are two essential components. For most people 30 minutes of cardio a day will fulfill the exercising part, but in choosing the right diet can get tricky. One of the main components of our diet is protein, which is mainly used for building and maintaining material in all organs and tissues of our body, you need to have it every day, especially when working out. Here are the best and healthiest protein sources for you…Eat it and be healthy… Continue reading

Potato Eater Has Eaten More Then 13000 Potatoes (1)

Potato Eater Has Eaten More Then 13000 Potatoes

A young woman has eaten her way through more than 13,000 jacket potatoes – because she has a phobia of almost all foods. Claire Jones, 23, has panic attacks and is physically sick at the thought of eating proper meals. The barmaid has a bizarre disorder which meant she eats practically nothing but potatoes, cheddar cheese and coleslaw – and only a particular brand. Continue reading