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Girlish Fantasy In The Wild Forest (11)

The Wild Forest and Girl Fantasy – Jessica Tremp

Living in Melbourne photographer Jessica Tremp  uses a camera to finally realize their childhood fantasies. “When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a dancer or an actress, and still be able to fly and speak the language of the forest animals. Now I found a way to embody all of these dreams come true at the touch of a button the camera, “- says Jessica.

A series of photographs entitled “Gathering firewood” is filled with images of the website created by the imagination of a young girl wading through the mystical and sometimes dreary forest. A few furry and feathered friends accompany the main character in her journey through the enchanted forest, on the way to an agreement with their emotions.Series displays a variety of internal experiences girls – from loneliness and frustration to the friendly relations and triumphant freedom. Indulge in forest fantasy…. Continue reading

Traffic Jam In Belgian Forest (5)

Traffic Jam In Belgian Forest

More than 500 retro-rusting are there in the woods near the Belgian village of Chatillon. According to local legend, all these cars once belonged to the American soldiers who are coming back after World War II home in the United States,he could not take them with him. Therefore, it was decided at the time to park them in the forest. Arriving in America, the military faced with bureaucratic hurdles, high customs duties and the high cost of shipping cars. Therefore, no car cross the ocean. Just around Chatillon had four such cemeteries, to the present time, only one survived. Continue reading

Natural Beauty of Stone Forest in Madagascar (5)

Natural Beauty of Stone Forest in Madagascar

Nature Reserve Tsingy du Bemaraha located on the west coast of Madagascar, and is famous for their amazing stone forest. The reserve area is of 666 square kilometers and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The landscapes here are fascinating – the giant rock, and preserved forests of mangrove trees, as well as many other miracles. Continue reading

Amazing Futuristic Forest Made By Laser Beams (1)

Amazing Futuristic Forest Installation Made By Laser Beams

Ever watched a sci-fi movie and wished you could step into those high tech scenes filled with neon lights and fluorescent colours? Well, thanks to a creative studio called Marshmallow Laser Feast, now you can. They’ve created the Laser Forest, a room filled with 150 rods that both produce light and sound when touched. Their glowing colours create a dream-like quality, whilst the interactive elements allow you to immerse yourself in a world where light, form and sound collide in a stylish yet minimal way. You can find out more about the project right here but in the meantime enjoy a few images and GIFs from the installation itself – really does look like a lot of fun doesn’t it? Continue reading

Deer The King (1)

Deer The King

Here we got something for you from Richmond Park in London, Between this period of time males are indulge in serious fight for every piece of land and for every female. The hero of our office decided to intimidate their rivals majestic horns with this crown.Once this self-proclaimed King of Richmond Park appeared with this crown of leaves and moss on the horns, the other males hurried off…
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