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Girlish Fantasy In The Wild Forest (11)

The Wild Forest and Girl Fantasy – Jessica Tremp

Living in Melbourne photographer Jessica Tremp  uses a camera to finally realize their childhood fantasies. “When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a dancer or an actress, and still be able to fly and speak the language of the forest animals. Now I found a way to embody all of these dreams come true at the touch of a button the camera, “- says Jessica.

A series of photographs entitled “Gathering firewood” is filled with images of the website created by the imagination of a young girl wading through the mystical and sometimes dreary forest. A few furry and feathered friends accompany the main character in her journey through the enchanted forest, on the way to an agreement with their emotions.Series displays a variety of internal experiences girls – from loneliness and frustration to the friendly relations and triumphant freedom. Indulge in forest fantasy…. Continue reading

New Look At Self - Newselfie (2)

New Interesting Look At Self – Newselfie

Self, or, as they are now called,  “selfie” has long been firmly established in our lives. What did people not show who love to take pictures! Cupid’s bow, group self, pictures of animals, self after sex … the list is endless. It would seem that there is nothing new to invent. However, this self girl who decided to supplement them funny “special effects”, we are sure to be welcomed even the most demanding users of the Internet. As a minimum. check out…and click selfie :) Continue reading