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Are You Waiting For Google Glass? (1)

Are You Waiting For Unique Google Glass?

Google gives us a peak into the future with their new shades which listen to the command ‘Ok Glass’ to implement a variety of features, like if you want to take a picture or video of whatever the person is looking at, share it with others and even give directions. The concept faced criticism in terms of its look – would people really wear something so futuristic? Google is said to be in the talks with Warby Parker – a producer of modern and stylish glasses, to enhance the look of their shades and make it more appealing to the general public. I am very excited to see this unique google product in the market, what do you think? Continue reading

Delicate Stained Glass Windows of Cardboard …

Eric Standley, an artist and teacher of the Art School of the Polytechnic University of Virginia (School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech). As he writes, these patterns are inspired by Gothic and medieval Islamic architecture. A technique is simple and fun:  hundreds of layers colored of cardboard, which he cuts by a special laser. its just unique… Continue reading