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Cartoon Street Art By Kenny Random (1)

Cartoon Street Art By Kenny Random

Kenny Random – is a master of street art from the Italian city of Padua. Basically, it’s all you can say about him. But his work speak about it a lot. Earlier projects include the silhouette of a man and his cat, who “wander” in the city, by painting it in bright colors. In his later works, Kenny uses cartoon characters. As the author says, – “I like to play with fantasy and reality, so I try to find the best place to give more power to the animated characters. Cartoons are very powerful on paper, but on the street, they become part of real life. A correctly chosen place can give them more power! ” Continue reading

Global Graffiti - Seth Globpeynter (2)

A Look at Global Graffiti by Seth Globpeynter.

French street artist Seth Globpeynter travels the world, create a huge graffiti, against which he used photographs of local people in a given region. India, China, Mexico or any other country – it does not matter, the artist puts people living there against the background of his picture, as if giving us the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the locals. The most interesting thing that’s all the pictures are different, as are the different countries on the planet…So Take a look of World… Continue reading

Graffiti Art on Military Aircrafts : Project Boneyard Painted By Street Artists (13)

Graffiti Art on Military Aircrafts : Project Boneyard Painted By Street Artists

Project Boneyard – a unique event, bringing together the art of graffiti and American warplanes. Maecenas Eric Firestone had the idea to decorate decommissioned military aircraft with graffiti, which are located on the famous Boneyard airplane graveyard in the desert of Arizona. More than 30 of the best urban graffiti artists worked on the transformation of the world five decommissioned aircraft…. Continue reading

Seville, Spain - El Nino

Selection of Best Street Art of February 2012

Street art is developing most rapidly from all of existing forms of art. with lots of graphic and industrial design, but they are often applied and thoroughly commercial. A street art – primarily a social phenomenon. Reflects society and its aspirations.
From Every month around the world we have a few hundred notable works, and we choose the most interesting Works in the collection, of course, not all new. Some were not drawn in February, but found and released just in the reporting month. Today we have a lot of South American graffiti, bright, ethnic and deeply philosophical, as well as two Russian works… Continue reading