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Photographing A Hope – Powerful Photoproject

I always like to show you this kind of work..which is very unique and show emotions and how big is hope..

Deneen Brian and the team of volunteers – professional photographers founded the charity fund “Photographing hope.” They are free pictures of premature babies and give these photos to their parents. At Deneen six children, but one of her daughters died, lived only six months. That is what prompted her to create this endowment fund. Continue reading

A Danger Story Of Fat Man Punched His Girlfriend - Who Lost 100 kg (8)

A Danger Story Of Fat Man Punched His Girlfriend – Who Lost 100 kg

American Kasaron Gregg became famous thanks to his abortive first sexual experience (man struck plasterboard wall head girl), 8 years later was able to lose weight at 100 pounds and won a role in a Hollywood movie.
Fat man punched his girlfriend’s head on the wall, he lost 100 kg
“In those days I was really vast and weighed 196 kg, so it is not surprising that Jen Gerakaris (first partner) suffered during she was with me – Gregg says with an embarrassed smile. – Despite the size, I consumed about 7,500 calories a day, that is three times more than a person needs. I saw my reflection in the mirror, but did not even try to change. However, when I saw lying motionless Jen and hole in the wall, it is not a joke its scared me and finally I realized what I was … big. ” Continue reading

10 Ways To Cheer Up Your Mind (1)

10 Best Ways To Cheer Up Your Mind

The human brain contains more than 80 billion neurons, and its weight is about 2% by weight of the entire body. For their livelihoods our brain requires almost 20% of all energy comes from food. And such a “voracity” the human brain shows even when nothing sensible not think, but just to say, there is. We offer you a selection of popular tips on how to make your brain work more productively, and not just to oxidize glucose idling. Continue reading