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Room Number 107 - Odd Photo series (2)

Room Number 107

Lyndon Wade dynasty of creative advertising photographers The Wade Brothers presents his project “Room 107.” This is a series of photographs of the same hotel room with its various inhabitants. Who just is not there – and the couple, and the elderly, youth and crown, and gangsters. So many different energy and emotion in one place. Have you ever thought about who was their before you in the room? Continue reading

First Underwater Hotel Room In Africa (2)

First Underwater Hotel Room In Africa

Sleep surrounded by the inhabitants of the underwater world is now considered a special glamour.

This month in Africa  the first underwater hotel room was opened. That is, this room – the second of its kind in the world.

Design Hotel Manta Resort (which is the island of Pemba in the Indian Ocean) entrusted by the Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, who helped to create the world’s first underwater hotel in one of the Swedish lakes. Phone Manta Resort secured four meters below the surface – a little deeper than the Swedish counterpart.

Three-level apartment features deck-roof, the lower deck, where moored boats and, of course, underwater bedroom with large windows affording an almost complete overview and allows you to admire the coral reef and observe the life of dozens of species of marine inhabitants. This whole structure is secured by means of wire ropes and anchors.

Night in this room will cost $ 900 for one person and $ 1,500 for a couple. So just don’t wait plan your holidays here asap.

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Hotel Elqui Domos a Amazing Astronomy Lovers (19)

Hotel Elqui Domos a Amazing Astronomy Lovers

Hotel Elqui Domos is located in a beautiful valley near the town of Vicuña in Chile. The area attracts not only tourists, but also astronomers and winemakers. Designed by studio RDM Arquitectura, the hotel is represented by several wooden houses with glass roof or dome of translucent fabric. A unique hotel allows guests to admire the starry sky right out of the room. It is the only hotel of this kind in the southern hemisphere, and the world has only seven analogues. Continue reading

The Haunted Hotel and Tequendama Falls (1)

The Haunted Hotel and Tequendama Falls

In 1924, the then-luxurious Hotel (Refugio d)el Salto was inaugurated on the cliff facing the waterfall but due to contamination of the river water, believed to be a result of the popular locale, it was closed in the early 90′s. There has been news of reopening it and restoring it to its former glory (but as a museum or even a police station) which might help rid the place of its apparent ghosts. They are said to haunt the hotel and according to the caretaker,they believed to be from the old days when bar fights on the second story would end up on its balcony, sometimes resulting in a drunk patron losing more than the fight. Continue reading

Prison Hotel (1)

Do You Want to Stay in Luxurious Prison ?

Hett Arrestuis – a prison of the XIX century in the Netherlands, which was turned into a premium hotel. Prison refurbished, adding chic, spacious and modern design, while retaining the rich history of this building. The hotel invites guests to try out the unique deluxe and comfort, as well as take advantage of a relaxing sauna and a fitness center. It seems that “serve time” has never been so much fun!

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Magical ice hotel in Canada on a novel by Jules Verne…

Unique Canadian ice hotel Hôtel de Glace in this year’s “back” after the 13th of reconstruction. Magic Castle annually constructed of hundreds of thousands of tons of snow and ice, each time in the design ice hotel play on a new topic. Last year, an amazing ice architecture was decorated with carved designs with motifs of nature, but this time the designers inspired by Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, was chosen as the theme “Journey to the Center of Winter”, focusing on the beauty of this time of year.

Masterfully built wall transport visitors into a magical winter country full of ornate design and carefully selected interior details.Located in the suburbs of Quebec ice hotel, ironically became a “hot spot” and attracts crowds of visitors wishing to tour a fancy hotel to spend the night here, or even get married in the beautiful chapel of the ice place. Because of the growing popularity, the hotel has increased the number of rooms to 44, compared to 36 last year. In addition, the hotel is a popular ice-bar and numerous activities for the whole family. Ice Hotel will be open to the public until March 24. Continue reading

Incredibly Amazing Hotel Made Of Ice and Snow - Sweden (15)

Incredibly Amazing Hotel Made Of Ice and Snow – Sweden

For that year, when the temperature drops below zero in Sweden, there is a construction started of hotel made of ice and snow. Inside the ice hotel you will find an ice bar, a church made of ice and exclusive apartments by interior designers who are developing around the world. it was just amazing and like a dream, have a look and after please share your views…. Continue reading

The World's Antique and Scariest Hotel (1)

The World’s Antique and Scariest Hotel

Teetering a thousand feet above jagged rock faces in the Alps, this is the world’s scariest hotel.
The white and red metal tube is designed to hold up to 12 weary climbers crossing the deadly Mont Blanc mountain range in Italy.
It includes wooden bunk beds, a kitchen, dining room, storage racks and a living room with stunning views over the Fribouze Glacier. Continue reading

Beauty of Luxuries Underwater Hotel (6)

Beauty of Luxuries Underwater Hotel

The Water Discus Hotel planned to become an above and under water luxury resort. There are Two discs, one above the water level and the other 10 meters under it are going to be connected by the vertical pillars and the elevator and also with the staircase upright hall. This hotel is designed by the Poland based Deep Water Technologies is planned to have multiple under water, above water and diving possibilities, additionally with the gorgeous marine rooms view. The Water Discus Hotel safety has been addressed to withstand both water currents as well as extreme conditions as tsunamis. In case of danger the underwater disc floats up.  Continue reading