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The Best Acts Of Kindness In 2013 (20)

The Best Acts Of Kindness In 2013

In today’s world of endless wars, violence and cruelty is very difficult to keep the human person and to help others in need. Agree, if you moved across the road, or someone helped convey the severity of the grandmother, the mood immediately improved. I suggest you look at the selection of the best cases of acts of kindness and care in the past year. Perhaps someone reading this post, at some point, too, want to do, though small, but good work.

So Love Everyone Animals , Birds ,Nature and Humans….

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10 Most Touching Last Wishes (9)

10 Most Touching Last Wishes

I was feeling really sad when i am writing this, But still good thing is they got their last wish to fulfill. These are people who unfortunately know how much they have left to live. Most of the remaining time they dream only of the performance of their last tiny desires,their last wish. So check out the touching last wishes, which had a great influence on many people. Continue reading


TOP 10 Countries Humans Live Long Life – Strange Facts

I Know this is really strange thing to say but that really true when I was reading this article, just a thought was kicking my mind is it true if we live in this country we get more life, don’t know got know, I am not thinking much on it but we must know this strange facts check out in which country people live long life…. Continue reading

Malala pakistan

Nobel Price Contenders – Malala

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Pakistani teenage activist shot by the Taliban and a Japanese author who writes about alienation and a fractured modern world are tipped as Nobel Prize winners ahead of the annual awards that start on Monday.

Malala Yousafzai, 16, shot in the head by the Taliban last year for demanding education for girls, gave a speech at the United Nations in July saying she would not bow to “terrorists” who thought they could silence her. She is a favorite for the peace prize among experts and betting agencies.

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Raw Emotions in Portraits (10)

Feelings and Raw Emotions in Portraits

18-year-old photographer Christian Benetel first became interested in photography at the young age of 14, when he noticed his sister posting her photos on Flickr. After seeing incredible photos of the people she followed, he was inspired to pick up his parent’s digital camera to see what he could do. Fast forward four years later and Benetel is now part of an elite group of talented teenage photographers who have an obvious knack for visual storytelling.
While he cites Flickr photographers like Alex Stoddard and David Talley as sources of inspiration, Benetel has a style all his own. The way he captures feelings and emotions by his unique angle or composition, makes him one to watch. “I think you can really capture raw emotion with portraits and it really allows you to create pictures that people can relate to, which is what I love doing with my photos,” he tells us. In one of my favorite shots, immediately below, he took a picture of a girl laying on the grass at a botanical garden. The trees created shadows on the ground making them look like eerie cracks. He calls the photo Dreamspace. Continue reading