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Incredible Lamp Designs You Will Fall In Love.. (49)

Incredible Lamp Designs You Will Fall In Love..

Chandelier, wall lamp, night light … They not only illuminate our homes at night, but are parts of the interior. So go to the choice of lamp you need with great responsibility! Each of the following samples is a combination of a light source and a work of art!
Lamp with a mini-greenhouse
Swedish designer Kristina Poerova invented and launched the sale of an unusual lamp for kitchen, bathroom with a mini-greenhouse. This elegant lamp, which, moreover, is also a greenhouse can add more luscious greenery not only in space but also in the diet. «Glasshouse» – is the name of this miracle is a lamp with a lampshade bulbous shape and the opening at the bottom, which allows you to collect herbs, growing along the rim of the lamp. Student of the Prague Academy of Arts, got this idea has inspired a desire to grow herbs in the kitchen.

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Incredible Cakes From Jeanne Zubov, Just Amazing (3)

Incredible Cakes From Jeanne Zubov, Just Amazing for this Christmas 2013…….

Once Jeanne Zubov notable kulinarka and artist from St. Petersburg, decided to surprise the guests and to the process of baking a cake next approached creatively. Since then, she prepares sweet artwork on order not to repeat the plot. Preparation begins with the most cake sketch, and if it is an architectural cake – then with the drawing. Once Jeanne molded decoration directly from the monitor screen, putting video on pause. Orders for private clients artist bakes home, from cakes weighing three to five pounds to 20-30 kilogram multistory towers. For decoration used paint shops, sweet mastic and marzipan. At one large cake decorating can take up to three days, but wanting to wait is a lot. According to Jeanne, the largest and most expensive cakes bought for beloved women and children. Especially popular are fabulous and the Soviet motives. Continue reading