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Photoguide on Sooo Weird Edible Insects How To Eat?

Everyone remembers the cartoon “The Lion King” and one of the most fun of his characters – Timon and Pumbaa. And now remember what they ate. “Eww, insects” – remember you with disgust, “the moment.” However, the insects feed on these days not onlyto animals, but also to people. Moreover, some consider them to be a real delicacy. If you are tired of traditional food from different countries, feel free to scroll our list of the most popular edible insects and be inspired by new culinary feats. but if are vegetarian then dont see this even, you will not like it, same as me. Continue reading

Beauty of Insects You Will Not Believe (9)

Beauty of Insects You Will Not Believe

The U.S. has program for the inventory and monitoring of bees – a project under the responsibility of biologists of the Geological Society of America in Maryland. As part of their work they create tools for the identification of the main species of bees, recreating accurate and detailed images of bees, plants and insects, which the bees interact. Biologists have established a mini-studio, surrounded by Styrofoam cooler with black backing to their macro shots which came out perfect. Here are some pictures of this amazing collection.. Continue reading

Amazing "Precious" Insects by David Chambon (1)

Amazing “Precious” Insects by David Chambon

Amateur Photographer David Chambon who have more than 10 years of experience in macro shooting, tried to capture magical moments and perpetuate the magnificence of nature. He recently went on a fundamentally different level, and his hobby became the first to bring income.

The main objects of pictures are all kinds of birds for him, and of course, insects. For a whole year, David Chambon worked on a beautiful series of photographs representing various insects, entirely covered with drops of morning dew. the pictures are looks like a real piece of jewelry art. Insect itself is precious, shiny decor, which gives him the real nature of every fine summer morning, gives basically one of torment. Indeed, in this way the insect is very difficult to breathe, it has almost nothing to see, but do not allow wings to become wet because they need to fly. We can only sit, lie low, and wait until sun dried the dew. Here is the beautiful capture, but sometimes its like almost totally helpless to catch up the perfect angle with insects of all kinds. Continue reading

Impressive Macro Insects Photography (36)

Wonders of Macro Insects Photography

For the Iranian photographer Omid Golzara favorite genre is macro. As he himself admits, macro photography became his passion and an outlet. It allows you to close the door to the outside world with its problems and to open another door, where he can relax and unwind from all the problems.  it opens up new wonders that can not be seen with the naked eye. Photographer finds that their passion is very important and a great happiness for the man. Continue reading

Do You Want To Eat Pastries From Insects??? (3)

Do You Want To Eat Pastries With Insects???

If you are eating something then don’t eat it….
Who wants to eat a piece of cake with a grasshopper or a cake with worms? This can be heard at the time of party on the occasion of the book: “Cookbook of insects” in the Netherlands. Event organizers were trying to break the world record for the biggest cake with a grasshopper. However, unlikely they will have many rivals in this business, but in any case – good luck to them. But the only issue is how many people like to eat these cakes…. Continue reading

Beauty of Fireflies by Tsuneyaki Hiramatsu (2)

Beauty of Fireflies by Tsuneyaki Hiramatsu

After the wonderful guess.. check out more of it? Fireflies blink to attract individuals of the opposite s*x. In fact, insect bioluminescence – the result of chemical reactions in their bodies and all that, but if you look at it simply, it looks like a sort of nightclub.

The author of these photographs name Tsuneyaki Hiramatsu 35. Photography is a hobby for him, and to question why his works are so popular, he says something like “I’m very shocked”. Photos from fireflies occasionally slips in a network, but the work of Hiramatsu distinguished professional approach and originality.

So, have a look of the night, fireflies and a large exposure … Continue reading

Insects nest

Construction of an Artificial Nest – Must See

People like doing crazy experiments, so i got 1 for you, find it really interesting so thought to show you.. Take a look… In the language of Writer Andrew Deveykin  : A couple of months ago I relocated from their ant has already become close to a spacious nest tubes which made himself. Offer to your attention a report on the construction of large and resettlement. Since the relocation of the ants have doubled their numbers. Take a look of it …really interesting.

Continue reading