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Drawing Hope Sean Van (1)

Photographer Sean Van Gave Reality To The Dreams of Sick Children…

Canadian photographer Sean van Affairs leads the project the Drawing Hope. He takes pictures of children who dream of recovery, and creates magical pictures with authors in leading roles. Sean believes that it gives a sick child and his family a little more strength to fight for life.
Pictures sells and the money transfers to their young heroes. Photographer encourages them to never lose hope. After all, everything in this world is possible. And we agree with this statement. Continue reading

Rare Bird - Iris Apfel (25)

Rare Bird – Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel – one of the most extravagant women in the fashion world.
She connects easily Haute Couture with finds from flea markets, and accessories brought from travel, textiles XIX century with the fashionable trends of Dolce & Gabbana, Oskar de la Renta. She is the designer, collector and creator of one of the most prestigious firms in the world for the production of fabrics Old World Weavers.
She is no longer young.  Let’s face it – she soon knocks 90! Continue reading

DJ Wika Szmyt: 73-Year-Old DJ From Poland (5)

DJ Wika Szmyt: 73-Year-Old DJ From Poland

Older people also have the right from time to time “off” on the dance floor in a nightclub. It is very good for them when the music is picked up by the DJ of their age. That is exactly what is happening in a nightclub in Warsaw, where music is mixes by DJ Wika Szmyt.
DJ Vick ’73 knows what kind of music should prefer for partying. For example, on 4 January, when Reuters photographer did this shoot at the club, DJ Vick danced the samba. But the grandmother entertains not only the older generation but also invited much younger age people for party. This is evidenced by the fact that DJ Wika worke at the club three times a week. Continue reading