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Real Looking Dummies Confused People On Public Place (2)

Shocking Real Looking Dummies Confused People On Public Place???

A Great artist Mark Roberts have installed realistic dummies, he is installing them in public places in UK, to confuse (or amuse) the public. its really a bizarre installation. Roberts stuffs his dummies headfirst into public trash cans and his series called “Down in the Dumps.” Its really interesting when we think about people who suddenly see it without knowing anything, what will be there reaction :) Continue reading

Amazing Futuristic Forest Made By Laser Beams (1)

Amazing Futuristic Forest Installation Made By Laser Beams

Ever watched a sci-fi movie and wished you could step into those high tech scenes filled with neon lights and fluorescent colours? Well, thanks to a creative studio called Marshmallow Laser Feast, now you can. They’ve created the Laser Forest, a room filled with 150 rods that both produce light and sound when touched. Their glowing colours create a dream-like quality, whilst the interactive elements allow you to immerse yourself in a world where light, form and sound collide in a stylish yet minimal way. You can find out more about the project right here but in the meantime enjoy a few images and GIFs from the installation itself – really does look like a lot of fun doesn’t it? Continue reading

Beautiful12,000 Bells On The Tree (1)

Beautiful Installation of 12,000 Bells On The Tree – Drums Between The Bells

Last year, the New Zealand artist Tiffany Singh has created his latest amazing installation entitled «Drums Between The Bells» . This installation consists of 12,000 bells hanging on white ribbon with a massive old tree in the center of Melbourne.
I am just thinking about the chime sound there, its really beautiful just have look… Continue reading

Unsual But Different, The art of sleeping by Tilda Swinton (1)

Unsual But Different, The art of sleeping by Tilda Swinton – May Be

The new role of Tilda Swinton is of sleeper. Oscar-winning actress in this month can be found in the New York Museum of Modern Art … asleep. Tilda sleeping in a glass box, exhibited in a museum for all to see. Museum visitors walk past the stars of the film “The Kingdom of the full moon”, while she is sleeping peacefully in a glass box. Continue reading

Stunning 1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken - Germany (1)

Stunning 1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken – Germany

Zweibrücken, Germany, The Rose Garden of Princess Hildegard of Bavaria grows more than 60,000 roses of 2,000 varieties and, as a result, Zweibrücken is appropriately known as the City of Roses. In celebration of this alluring flower, German artist Ottmar Hörl developed a massive public art installation, entitled 1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken (2012).
For one month, 1,000 plastic red roses lay in perfect rows in the center of town, created a public sculpture intended to spark conversation and to build community among viewers and residents. The simple display celebrated the town’s signature blossoms and brought people together to admire the gorgeous public display. The artist says, “Above and beyond its symbolic power, the rose thus becomes a ‘social sculpture’ in the sense of a stimulant for communication.” The flowers averaged about 12 inches wide and were offered for sale as a memento of the memorable installation. Continue reading

Stunning 3D Gargoyle Heads On Trees (1)

Stunning 3D Gargoyle Heads On Trees – Paris

It’s not every day that you look up at the trees in the local park and see a gigantic 3D gargoyle head staring directly back at you. But then again, if you’re French visual artist Clément Briend, that’s the norm. His visual series ‘Legends’ involves projecting & inserting 3D renderings of iconic historical characters into modern day surroundings.
The photos below are from the Parc de Saint-Cloud, a 460 hectare national park just outside of Paris where he recently showcased the ‘Legends’ series. His ultimate goal was to put the general public at the very heart of the monument; I think he’s done so with stunning and fantastic effect What Dou you say?

Video Inside: Continue reading

installation world unique

10 Most Inspiring and Unique Installations Around The World

Installation of art in the fresh air is truly  more inspiring then art locked up in the museum, Outside Installation give a wider viewing angle to viewers, usually some three dimensional unique work seems to be, they were created for this place only, where they are so, have a look of ten best examples of such installations from around the world, and I am sure after viewing this article you will really wish to visit these places…

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Beautiful Green Island on Wheels – Trailer Park

Sutton Beres Culler, an American artists from Seattle, Washington. The name is John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler. They worked together for over 10 years. “Trailer Park” was their mobile installation, first introduced in 2003 in Seattle. Then, in the spring and summer, this mobile park with benches, a fountain, live plants, trees and grass become famous around the city, which invite people to sit on the so-called “green island”. In September 2012 Trailer park was revived for the Festival of ideas in the Performing Arts Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Have a look.. Continue reading