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Valentino - The Most Fashionable Pitbull (16)

Valentino – The Most Fashionable Pitbull on Internet

Meet Valentino – the most fashionable pitbull on the Internet.  Check out his outfits – many of you may be know about him Probably, even the name was given to this mod is not accident – apparently it since childhood he is living with full of taste and style… So, welcome – and dandy dandy dandy and heartthrob – Valentino. Continue reading


Google`s Data Centers – Photos

Google has given us a rare opportunity to see their data centers around the world, through which every day we can use the services of the global Internet company. This labyrinth of servers that handle Web requests in a retrieval system, we show the video on YouTube, and deliver emails to millions of people. Hundreds of thousands of servers, colorful wires and even bicycles for movement of workers in the middle – in this collection you will find the data centers in the former paper mill in Finland, and specially designed server farms in Iowa, USA. Have a look inside the GOOGLE… Continue reading