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Photographing A Hope – Powerful Photoproject

I always like to show you this kind of work..which is very unique and show emotions and how big is hope..

Deneen Brian and the team of volunteers – professional photographers founded the charity fund “Photographing hope.” They are free pictures of premature babies and give these photos to their parents. At Deneen six children, but one of her daughters died, lived only six months. That is what prompted her to create this endowment fund. Continue reading

Dog saved the hostess with their lives (2)

Dog saved the hostess with their lives


Hannah lived in Alaska for 25 years. Windows of  her house offers a magnificent view of the hundreds of miles of wilderness. She lives with her dogs on the border of the United States and Canada, in the southeastern part of Alaska. A few days ago Hannah lost her beloved dog named Steve Mason. And talked about how Steve Mason before leaving this world, heroically saved the life of her and three younger dogs. Continue reading

Life on a bench ... (24)

Life on a bench …

Photographer Eugene Igor five years watching what is happening on the bench in his backyard. From the window of his apartment in the sandbox visible bench around which boils daily life and sometimes ignite serious passions. Eugene began to photograph the staging on the bench – once a week, once noticed something interesting. During this time he has a whole encyclopedia of domestic comedies and dramas. This is a interesting photo series check out… Continue reading