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Pilot Gave Pizza Treat To All Passengers In The Plane (1)

Pilot Gave Pizza Treat To All Passengers In The Plane

Aircraft airline Frontier Airlines, flying from Washington to Denver, made an emergency landing in Wyoming because of a severe thunderstorm. Banned from leaving the passengers aboard the plane, they were told to remain seated and wait for the weather, after which the aircraft will continue to follow up on the planned route. To brighten up the waiting departure, the pilot by his own money ordered 38 pizzas directly for the passengers, I think the pilot is so sweet.. Continue reading

Sad But Puppies (9)

Sad Puppies – Have a Heart….

In these photos you will see a very cute but very sad puppies. Attention! After viewing may cause uncontrollable desire to take home a homeless puppy or regret already available. Then Get one more.
All puppies are cute – it’s a fact. All of them are funny and kind, and looking at them, it is impossible not to smile. But sometimes even the most cheerful puppy can be sad, to think and worry of his master. Puppies are very cute, pretty and heartwarming, but they are united not only that. All they have is so sad and wistful look and wants to take it on pens, hugged and want to say: “Everything will be fine, I’m here!” Continue reading

Happy Pig And His Pets (13)

Happy Pig And His Pets – Pigs and Dad

Japanese photographer Toshiteru Yamaji (Toshiteru Yamaji) of Kagawa Prefecture ten years photographing despair of caring farmer and his bristly pets and even published a book entitled “Pigs and Dad,” for which he won awards at the 13th contest of self-publishing in Japan.
Caring and loving pig despair serenaded with a guitar for his cute pig, takes them to the beach, embracing with piglets, and just spends with them all the time. But his happy pig respond to sincere love caring host.

I just love this one, Love should be unconditional. See Continue reading

Extremly Adorable Sleep Time With Puppies (4)

Extremly Adorable Sleep Time With Puppies

This post is dedicated to adorable sweet little puppy who sleep with young cute plush toys. Touched by these photos rolls!
What dreams this adorable kid? Probably something very pleasant, judging by how blessed they are smiling in the sleep and cling to their favorite toys. Sleeping puppies are amazing. And together with their friends, they are amazing plush twice! Enjoy the positive charge and supplication. Continue reading