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Magical Macro Pictures by Vasichek Magdalena (1)

Magical Macro World Under Your Feet – Vasichek Magdalena

In this issue, you will see the fabulous work of the Polish Closeup amateur Vasichek Magdalena. Her style is characterized by an unusual touch-up photos, the original effects and stunning beauty bokeh. Its so beautiful
Magdalena likes to take pictures of insects and flowers, offering us a look at the pictures of the incredibly beautiful magical world. The amazing world that we almost do not distinguish with the naked eye or have not notice in the daily hustle and bustle, may be hiding at every our step. Continue reading

bugs photography

Amazing Ladybugs in Raindrops

Rainy days can spoil the mood, but imagine the ladybirds! These photos presented by Spanish photographer Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz, seems truly beautiful, even with a hint of magic. Macro shots of these lovely creatures in tiny drops of dew at the same time admire and touches. Ladybug did not seem to notice his “burden” on the back, and held its important for natural affairs.
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