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A Couple Got Married 22 Times (1)

A Couple Got Married 22 Times in Every Part of The World They Can Cover.

It is meant to be the happiest day of your life.
So Alex Pelling, 32, and Lisa Grant, 30, must be having an extremely happy year.
The East Yorkshire couple have been travelling the world since last summer and celebrating their love for each other by having 22 wedding ceremonies in different countries – and they still have eight to go. Continue reading

Two Sisters Share One Husband (3)

Two Sisters Share One Husband

I know after reading this title you are feeling really strange for the news same like me, 42-year-old sisters are in a polygamous marriage with Joe, 43, who is also married to a third woman – the siblings’ cousin Alina, also 43.
The Dargers, who are fundamentalist Mormons from Salt Lake City, Utah, live together in a large family home and have 24 children aged up to 18. Continue reading