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Tiny Miniature People In This Universe (1)

Tiny Miniature People In This Fictional Universe

William Cass a great artist and photographer who creates amazing and interesting scenes. He uses two things – the tiny figures of people and food. As a result, the interesting patterns obtained from the edible fictional world in which extreme athletes descend on the mountain river of chips, and the astronauts explore the cartons of milk. Check out the interesting photo series………. Continue reading


Incredible Master of Miniatures………

Nikolai Aldunin is called the master of miniatures.
He put horseshoes on a flea as well as saddle and stirrups, he also put 7 camels in the eye of a needle and a replica of a Russian samovar that is smaller than a grain of sugar, he made a tank on a sliced apple seed – it is almost impossible to believe.
Nevertheless, it is real and everything is crafted out of gold. Like many other artists who make miniature sculptures, Nikolai crafts between the beats of the heart that allows him to reduce the shaking of hands. This is very interesting to see. check out… Continue reading

Miniature weapons

Amazing Miniature Weapons By Knyazhin Basil

Here i got amazing pictures from the blog of Knyazhin Basil, who is engaged in manufacturing miniature knives. This Hobby is rare and requires considerable patience and skill.
It is only at first glance, the thumbnails make it easier. In fact, the complexity and time taken is comparable to the complexity of making a full-size knives, and sometimes even surpass them. Have a look of the amazing beauty of miniature weapons… Continue reading

Amazing Miniature Of Berlin (48)

Amazing Miniature Of Berlin

Berlin did not fall behind in Hamburg and got his miniature world. A giant model railroad, situated in an area of ​​more than 3000 square meters. It is one of the largest in the world. Some figures of miniature: about 5 kilometers of track, 40 computers running complex, hundreds of trains and 10,000 vehicles, 45 000 trees, 50,000 figures of people, 120 000 light sources. Today’s photo report suggest unusual miniature scenes, as well as get acquainted with the sights of Berlin in a scale of 1 to 87. It looks really beautiful…. Continue reading