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How Would Look Without The Visual Effects Movies (3)

How Would Famous Movies Look Without The Visual Effects ???

While watching a movie in theaters or at home, sometimes we forget that what we see on the screen – this is not reality, and the product of hard work of many visual effects specialists. All this – the special effects that look like as a result of reality. At this year’s Academy Award for stunning visual effects will be nominated films such as “Gravity”, “The Hobbit: Smaug Wasteland,” “Iron Man 3″ and “Star Trek.” However, as these movies would look if they were shot without these effects?
We have gathered together footage from films made by computer graphics and scenes on the set before the special effects were superimposed on the image. Continue reading


25 Most Expensive Movies of All Time

Movies are something which is good to refresh your mood or cut off your time, orszwe have atch lot of moview some are so awesome here i got a list in which you will find most expensive movies so check out how the directors have spent to catch your likes on it…

This list contains solely the films that are already free to the overall public, and no films that are still in production, post-production or simply proclaimed films, for the explanation that these prices will still modification within the production method. Listed below is that the negative cost: the prices of the particular photography, and not together with promotional or marketing prices. Continue reading

Backstage Laughs From Your Favourite Movies (1)

Backstage Laughs From Your Favourite Movies

We watch lots of dramas and movies , we think about them with lots of emotions , we feel about the characters in it but have you ever thought about the backstage they do it very differently wanna check how so watch your favourite seens in laughs backstage

Ironically, even the most dramatic roles allow the actors to smile in moments between shots. “Game of Thrones” and bursting with laughter Harrison Ford on the set of the next series of “Indiana Jones.” Continue reading

Leonardo DiCaprio - ‘The Great Gatsby’ Look Really Great (1)

Leonardo DiCaprio – ‘The Great Gatsby’ Looks Really Great

Oh How blessed are we for Receiving a new Leonardo DiCaprio movie! ‘The Great Gatsby‘ hits theaters next week, but why wait until then to swoon over Leo? Leonardo DiCaprio is a national treasure, a guy we’ve loved since he was on ‘Growing Pains,’ and who grew up to be quite the attractive young man. He stole our hearts in movies like ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and ‘Titanic,’ but then he decided he didn’t want to play your typical heartthrob roles anymore, so he got real with stuff like ‘The Departed,’ ‘Shutter Island,’ and ‘Inception.’ He’s definitely one of the most interesting and engaging actors working today, and is always selective about the roles he takes, working frequently with legendary director Martin Scorsese. But next week sees the release of ‘The Great Gatsby,’ a film in which DiCaprio reunites with his ‘Romeo + Juliet’ director Baz Luhrmann and everything comes full circle. This time around, Leo doesn’t seem to be playing a swoony cutie like Romeo — he’s more of a cad, this Gatsby guy, and he seems to have some pretty dark secrets. Let’s take a few minutes to admire the sexiness of this leading man who seems to only get more attractive with age — but don’t they all? Continue reading

Behind The Scenes - Part-2 (10)

Behind The Scenes – Part-2

Sometimes we are so imbued with the atmosphere of the film, that one hundred percent we believe on what is happening, and Check out the actors and their characters. Meanwhile, shooting of the film.

Just a few takes, and then again a break for preparatory work, during which interior decorators update the things, lighting people re-expose the light, make-up artists reformats the actors and the director explains to them the nuances of the game.

Here I Bring you photos from the shooting of the popular films that were made precisely at such moments of anxious waiting, when experts were preparing the stage, and the actors were on their own. In the context of the film many of the shots look funny. Continue reading