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Britain's Prince William , Wife Kate And His Son Trip to Australia and New Zealand. (1)

Britain’s Prince William , Wife Kate And His Son Trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate begin a multi-day trip to Australia and New Zealand.Interest to the official tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at this time especially warms the fact that together with them on a long journey for the first time went to the little prince – baby Georgie. No sooner had the plane young representatives of royal houses of Britain land in the New Zealand capital as the Western tabloids immediately inserted a pin to the duchess. Katherine criticized for the way she dressed young son. While Kate was very dressed up in coat and hat, and William – in expensive suit of fine wool, little George was sitting on my mother’s hands in a light blouse and short shorts. And this despite the fact that the weather in Wellington is not hot: in New Zealand now autumn. At the airport, the royal family met with an official delegation headed by the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Kay. All the while Kate and William exchanging pleasantries with the host country and posed for photographers, George, as a true prince, and behaved impeccably. Due to bad weather the royal couple and their entourage had to change trains in Sydney, where over time their plane took RNZAF. In total flight from London lasted nearly 30 hours, but the kid seems perfectly slept on board, and at the airport curiously looking around. Continue reading


ASAP you can have a Cup of ‘Oprah Chai,’ Created by Oprah Winfrey, at a Starbucks

Starbucks Corp will add a celebrity blend to its big tea push when it debuts ‘Oprah Chai,’ a tea-based drink created by media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Starbucks said Winfrey developed the tea with Teavana’s leading teaologist Naoko Tsunoda. It is a blend of tea infused with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves, and will be sold in tins or as prepared tea lattes. Continue reading

Buiding Collapses in New York – News

Recent News- New York: The New York City fire department says an East Harlem apartment building has exploded and collapsed, leading to 11 minor injuries.

WABC says residents heard a large explosion in an apartment building near Park Avenue and 116th Street around 9 am Wednesday. The building was five stories and appeared to be reduced to rubble.

TV news footage shows billowing smoke and firefighters dousing the site from ladder trucks. Bricks also cover parked vehicles.

Residents reported hearing a large explosion in an apartment building around 9 am.

The site is adjacent to Metro-North commuter railroad tracks, not far from the northeastern tip of Central Park. Metro-North says it has halted service to and from Grand Central Terminal.

Pictures Inside Continue reading

Olga Graf Forgot To Wear Something Inside ;) (1)

Olga Graf Forgot To Wear Something Inside ;)

Russian skater Olga Graf, who won the first medal of the Russian team at the Olympics in Sochi, admitted that she had forgotten that under the tracksuit, which she unbuttoned after the race, no clothes.
“We have such nice suits, skinny body and I wore nothing under it. When finished the race had forgotten about it. Unbuttoned emotion and thought, “Oh the horror.” I think the video clip will be soon on YouTube, so that soon it will be possible to see “- quoted Count” Soviet sport “. Continue reading

The Woman Repeated The Legendary Solo Flight At 13,000 km (7)

The Woman Repeated The Legendary Solo Flight At 13,000 km

Fearless woman pilot made ​​a flight of nearly 13 000 km biplane 1940 release.
Difficult weather conditions in Europe have become a real challenge for Tracy Curtis Taylor during her journey from Cape Town in Goodwood, UK.
51-year-old woman finally fulfilled his dream by repeating the legendary flight in 1928, when Mary Halsey became the first pilot, alone flown across Africa.
Ms. Curtis Taylor began its journey in Cape Town, and has been, at Goodwood in West Sussex that.
She says, “The most important thing in such long flights, so you are lucky with the weather. In Europe they have persecuted me strong crosswinds and headwinds. ”

Interesting Journey

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