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Portraits Painted By a Child Suffering From Dyslexia (5)

Portraits Painted By a Child Suffering From Dyslexia

Just think of these portraits were painted not by a famous artist, and a person suffering from the disorder reading and writing skills. Different from their peers, many turn in on themselves, but not Vinzili Lowe from Malaysia. Despite his illness, he is determined to become a success due to its outline, which he easily turns into a creative portraits. See for yourself … Continue reading

Paint Your Boring Door Today (1)

Paint Your Boring Door Today

Sometimes we do not have enough bright colors in our gray everyday life. Take at least an ordinary apartment. I think everyone would like to turn your surroundings into a work of art. But not always have enough money order services designer, or no friends who could help. But, as they say, who wants to look for opportunities, and do not want – excuse. So simple proof. The most common boy, the most common apartment, a little imagination, paint and time … Continue reading

Drawings, Similar To Photos (1)

Unbelievable Drawings, Similar To Photos

Some people have no boundaries in the matter of talent . In particular, the talent to draw. These images are actually paintings, although at first glance (and yes sometimes when we look at), they seem to be photographs. Not important that before you – portrait or landscape – mastery of these masterpieces rolls, and involuntarily admire people who can animate this world with paper and pencil or pen. Paul Cuddy is one of those talents, and his drawings are simply amazing! Look like did some magic with a pencil because to draw something and then nobody can select which is original photo or drawing, is a big art. Continue reading

Toys Created By The Drawings of Children (11)

Unique Toys Created By The Drawings of Children

It all started with a simple idea to make a stuffed toy for a 4-year-old boy in his own drawings. Since then, the boy’s mother turned this idea into a thriving home business, and since then the company «Child’s Own Studio» has created hundreds of toys from the drawings of children distributed from around the world. This is the perfect embodiment of a child’s imagination, each toy is unique and made by hand. Here are a few of these toys.

Sometimes Imagination Turns Really Colorful and Unique and This is a child imagination so the result is superb…. Continue reading

Artist Creates 11-Acre Beautiful Portrait Of A Kid in Belfast Field

Artist Creates 11-Acre Beautiful Portrait Named Wish in Belfast Field

A 6-year-old girl is the subject of one of the largest portraits ever, created with soil, sand, and GPS.

The portrait, which measures the size of 44 Olympic pools, was made with natural materials.  (Credit: Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada)
Belfast’s reputation for producing stuff that’s larger than life continues with a monumental artwork that comes a century after the sinking of the Titanic. Continue reading

10 Incredible Images That Look Like Real Paintings (2)

10 Incredible Images That Look Like Real Paintings

You have already seen pictures that look like photographs. However, infrequent pictures, similar to the pictures. Well, it’s time to fix it! We have collected 10 best pictures that is strangely similar works of art – namely painting. Enjoy! and 1 more thing, they are clicked by really hardworker and famous photographers. Continue reading

Too Realistic Body Tattoo Drawings

Tattoo-mania has no bounds. People addicted with the ink on their body, at times, people seems to be insane sometimes. Even the most experienced tattoo artist  Sometimes asked to make obscene or realistic drawing of a little eerie. Just look at these photos. Yes, some tattoos here deserve attention and respect, but the other wants to go away – they are too realistic …check out…. Continue reading