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Shifting Reality On Paper (1)

Shifting Reality On Paper

In between creating illustrations for magazines, books, websites, and television artist from Tokyo Ham House finds time for quick sketches of people involved in the most ordinary things. Barely noticing inspiring “model”, the artist pulls out his notebook and pen and begins to rapidly draw. Like photographing hands, talented illustrator creates amazing “cartoon” pictures of real people and objects. Whether it be at a table chatting girlfriends or lonely girl for learning – Ham House ready to capture the essence of each scene in his remarkable sketches. Doing business, the artist photographed his creation against the backdrop of real scenery and models. Now you can compare what happened. Continue reading

Beautifully Strips of Paper Molded in Unique Designs.... (2)

Beautifully Strips of Paper Molded in Unique Designs….

When you will look at this artwork, You wil be amazed at first you may only see the gorgeous lines and vibrant color of abstraction. But, with further inspection, you’ll find that these intricate swirls of color blend together is to form detailed faces, shapes, and typography. And, most amazing of all, the entire piece is a three-dimensional construction, made out of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together onto the canvas. Isnt it amazing….
A Great Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya who work with paper has worked in process called quilling for several years.She is Currently based in the UK, the artist loves working with paper and can spend endless hours and days working on a single piece. The detailed portraits are colorful and textured, with a fluid movement that evokes a lively energy in her still collages. its is really difficult to work on with great outcome If you look closely, you may start seeing Brodskaya’s designs all around. In the past, she has developed concepts for major brands like Godiva, Oprah Magazine, Nokia, and she even created a custom background theme for Chrome. check out… Continue reading


The Intricate Lace Paper Art

Looking at the work of the artist from Norway Karen Bit Vejle , you would think that before you fine lace. However, in reality it is nothing like the patterns are carefully hand-carved from a sheet of paper, created with only one pair of scissors. The art of paper cutting is quite a hard task that requires enormous patience and less skill. Many of us are familiar with childhood cutting snowflakes, but Karen has dedicated 35 years to this task and at present very few people in Europe can match her in the art of cutting out on such a high technical and artistic level. Continue reading

Paper Fashion

Hot Girls Wrapped in Paper : A Fashion of United States

Designers have created dozens of amazing dresses and suits using paper instead of fabric  which are presented during the annual fashion show Art Directors Club of Denver. More than 50 teams of designers from students to professionals presented their creations at this annual event. It is the largest display of “paper fashion” in the United States. Have a look of interesting designs…. Continue reading