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Lovely Dog Loves Money (1)

Lovely Dog Bobby Earn on His Own And Spent It by Himself Alone….

A Lovely dog named Bobby realized that his good looks can make passersby to share with him in cash. Doggy of Changchun City – the capital of Jilin Province in northeastern China – has become a local celebrity thanks to his ability to deal with money … and spend it. Every day, Bobby walks next to the lottery company, which is owned by his mistress Wong Chun, in anticipation of generous visitors. As soon as Bobby sees that person gets money, he immediately includes your charm. Continue reading

A Snoopy Cat-Babe And Her Fashion Wardrobe (1)

A Snoopy Cat-Babe And Her Fashion Wardrobe

Chinese cat named Snoopy, Babe, who lives in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, has raised an army of fans on Facebook and Instagram thanks to its unique appearance. According to Miss Nin, such an unusual exterior snoopy owes by his parents – American Shorthair and Persian cat.
Now You can check out the Snoopy handsome fashionable clothes and jewelry for cats and dogs. Continue reading

Strange Dog Kissing Contest - Maine (1)

Strange Dog Kissing Contest – Maine

9th annual Valentine’s Day Canine Kissing Contest with Cocktail Partyws held in Maine at the Planet Dog company store.The contest entailed the canines licking their owners, whereas the winner is the one whose kisses last the longest. I know its little strange to hear..
The prize was a $75 gift certificate to Planet Dog, which went to Beau, a 12 year old yorkie/dachshund mix, for showing his love to his owner, Linda Walton, for 45.8 seconds. These two also won the award last year. Have a look… Continue reading

30 Years of Loneliness??? (1)

30 Years of Loneliness???

It was only after their father Leonel died earlier this month that the Almeida children began clearing out a second-floor room which he had filled with broken electrical items and always kept locked.
Leonel’s son, Leandro, said he was astonished to find Manuela alive inside a box containing an old record player.
He told Brazil’s Globo G1 website said: ‘I put the box on the pavement for the rubbish men to collect, and a neighbour said, “you’re not throwing out the turtle as well are you?”
‘I looked and saw her. At that moment, I turned white, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.’ Continue reading