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"My Daughter's Crazy" - A Project of John William (12)

“My Daughter’s Crazy” – A Project of John William

Funny photo of own subsidiaries created by Swiss photographer John Wilhelm. He just not only comes up with the idea, but also processes the images so as to obtain as much as possible funnier. Exaggerating the photographer shows daughters in completely different sides.
All stories for family portraits are incredibly positive and unique. Check out…. Continue reading

Life on a bench ... (24)

Life on a bench …

Photographer Eugene Igor five years watching what is happening on the bench in his backyard. From the window of his apartment in the sandbox visible bench around which boils daily life and sometimes ignite serious passions. Eugene began to photograph the staging on the bench – once a week, once noticed something interesting. During this time he has a whole encyclopedia of domestic comedies and dramas. This is a interesting photo series check out… Continue reading



German photographer Bettina Hubert entertains himself with comic photoshoot with tiny humans. He figures for railway modeling, but Bettina they play other roles.
Any child believes that toys come alive when he falls asleep. And Bettina Hubert fantasizes what happens in the office when all employees go home.
Low tiny men leave their exhibition layouts railways, and the fun begins. Its really Interesting check out….. Continue reading

Barbie Kills A Unusual Unique Photo Project by Mariel Clayton (13)

Barbie Kills – A Unusual Unique Photo Project by Mariel Clayton

Photographer Mariel Clayton long suspected that the beautiful Barbie goes wrong. Years passed, and recently there have been some clues that Mariel hurries to warn the public about the dangers side of barbie. Its a really unique and interesting photo project by the Great photographer. People with very sensitive psyche should refuse to watch. Continue reading

guys in girlsfriends dress

“Men under the influence” – Guys In Their Girlfriends Outfit ?

After talking to a couple and three of his friends on how the relationship between a man and a woman have changed since the days of their youth, their parents,. Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte found a great idea for a photo project. He wanted to take pictures, which would see not only the equality of the balance of heterosexual relationships, but would feel embarrassed that men feel because of changes in the relationship. A project called “Men under the influence,” he began with, the pair photographed together. But after a while, realized it would be much more effective if there is a picture of the man in the dress of the girl in a house or apartment in which they live together. Uriarte worked on this project for three years, and in the United States, and Spain. Continue reading

Magical Ballerinas Fall Into Mystical Daydreams (5)

Magical Ballerinas Fall Into Mystical Daydreams

A Great Toronto-based photographer Vanessa Paxton made a project Ballerina. According to the artist, the series is a “photographic exploration into the simultaneous freedom and solitude of the dancer.” Her goal was to create images that feature a rhythm of falling into sleep or waking up from a dream, the feelings of twilight consciousness where nothing exactly makes sense.
The bright white of the costumes set against the stark black background evokes a light and airy feel in which each dancer seems to be floating in a vast space of nothingness. The indefinite setting gives no context to the scenes, allowing viewers to create all kinds of narratives about the dancer and her story, while the light sprinkle of dust that reveals itself in the single spotlight lures us away from a solid reality into a whimsical daydream. Paxton’s Ballerinas are reminiscent of an Alice in Wonderland journey, where a young girl navigates great adventures through a mysterious land. This is really a magical Project, have a look. Continue reading

Photography: Children as Celebrities (3)

PhotoProject ToddleWood: Children as Celebrities

Photographer Tricia (Tricia Messeroux) from New York, USA, is known not only showbiz pictures, but also for the specific photo project  ToddleWood, in which she is reincarnated young children in “clones” of celebrities on the red carpet. After the award ceremony “Golden Globes 2013″,which is held in Hollywood, designer Andrea Pitter sewed similar outfits, and Tricia Messer and her team have created images of Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Lucy, Taylor Swift, George Clooney and other . In the words of the author, model, posing as the real stars, ignoring the uncomfortable outfits and wigs. Continue reading

Amazing "Precious" Insects by David Chambon (1)

Amazing “Precious” Insects by David Chambon

Amateur Photographer David Chambon who have more than 10 years of experience in macro shooting, tried to capture magical moments and perpetuate the magnificence of nature. He recently went on a fundamentally different level, and his hobby became the first to bring income.

The main objects of pictures are all kinds of birds for him, and of course, insects. For a whole year, David Chambon worked on a beautiful series of photographs representing various insects, entirely covered with drops of morning dew. the pictures are looks like a real piece of jewelry art. Insect itself is precious, shiny decor, which gives him the real nature of every fine summer morning, gives basically one of torment. Indeed, in this way the insect is very difficult to breathe, it has almost nothing to see, but do not allow wings to become wet because they need to fly. We can only sit, lie low, and wait until sun dried the dew. Here is the beautiful capture, but sometimes its like almost totally helpless to catch up the perfect angle with insects of all kinds. Continue reading

Dancers of The Street In Photos - Little Shao (5)

Dancers of The Street In Photos – Little Shao

Very few people knows about the author of this series of images. We do not even know  his real name or just a nickname. Little Shao born in December 15, 1982. From the personal information we have been able to find out, French photographer who lives and works in the capital, Paris. Of course, only if you are not traveling. A fan of travel love street dance and hip-hop. Last year alone, Little Shao visited the United States, Russia and Hong Kong. The guy is positioning himself not only as a photographer, but also as a filmmaker. He is also a art director of photo agency «Profoto». We offer you a small selection of images taken by the author in different cities and countries. Continue reading

Unique Photo Series - The Invisible Woman By Cecilia Paredes

Unique Photo Series – The Invisible Woman By Cecilia Paredes

Cecilia Paredes was born in the capital of Peru – Lima. In 1998, she moved to Costa Rica, where she lived and worked for about eight years. The first Exhibition by cecilia was held in 1998 in Guatemala. The artist with his project “Landscapes” is tried to show that a woman’s body is something sacred, what is worth admiring. At the same time, a woman’s body is a sort-key dialogue between the soul and nature. At the moment, Cecilia was living in Philadelphia, USA. Have a look of her creative work….

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