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AppleFrom An Apple-Tree - Charming Mother and Little Girl (20)

Apple From An Apple-Tree – Charming Mother and Little Girl

Mothers and daughters often have a special relationship; although both parents are equally important for the child, the daughter of increasingly turn to their mothers for advice and assistance – for example, what to wear and how to behave with the boys. In honor of this special relationship, we suggest you look at these 22 photographs of her cutelishious daughter and mothers. Continue reading

24 Amazing Reflection (13)

Original Amazing Reflection

Photograph of reflection – a complex and peculiar process that requires a good understanding of angles and perspectives, as well as a keen eye of an artist. These 24 photos are only a few examples of stunning images of reflections that can be done, if you constantly keep an eye peeled. To take a photo of reflection, it is necessary to think about the future in a new way. Instead of shooting a beautiful landscape as you see it, you have to radically change the viewing angle, or even upside down, shoot to capture a good reflection. However, the reward is amazing – the reflections are a sort of picture in the picture. All photos, of course, without Photoshop. Enjoy Reflection… Continue reading

New Look At Self - Newselfie (2)

New Interesting Look At Self – Newselfie

Self, or, as they are now called,  “selfie” has long been firmly established in our lives. What did people not show who love to take pictures! Cupid’s bow, group self, pictures of animals, self after sex … the list is endless. It would seem that there is nothing new to invent. However, this self girl who decided to supplement them funny “special effects”, we are sure to be welcomed even the most demanding users of the Internet. As a minimum. check out…and click selfie :) Continue reading