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Unusual Things which Happens Co-Incidently (1)

Unusual Things which Happens Co-Incidently

This world is full of fun and humor. People say that i am in a “problem”,in a “tension” and blah blah blah….but sometimes You see a lot of funny and serious things in day today life and they look so funny that you feel bound to stop to stare at them and laugh. These types of things happen very often and at unexpected situations. We have collected some very unusual photos of some weird things which can ever happen suddenly and with anyone. Just have a look at them and we are waiting for your comments and likes. Continue reading

Amazing Coffin Pictures from UK and Ghana – Design your Death Bed

When you think about coffins – if, indeed, you think about them at all – you probably picture a polished mahogany casket lined with purple satin. But a free exhibition at the Southbank Centre in London shows that death needn’t be depressing. ‘Boxed: Fabulous Coffins from UK and Ghana’ collects bizarre bespoke coffins from the famous Paa Joe workshop in Ghana – such as this pineapple-shaped casket – and Crazy Coffins in Nottingham. Continue reading

Unusual Broken Beauty (7)

Some Examples of Unusual Broken Beauty

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

The perfect definition of the beauty can be the thing that gives your happiness every time when you see it. However, beauty is not necessary noticed by everyone. Some broken and incomplete things look more beautiful than the complete or the original ones. Here are some wonderful and strange pictures of sculpture that are almost broken. Continue reading