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43 Most Touching Instagrama 2013 (45)

43 Most Touching Instagram 2013

In fact, it’s great that Instagram is just a space on the Internet. If in fact there was a place where it would be collected so many touching little animals, then perhaps we would not survive simply rolls over the level of emotion.

We propose to recall important events in the life of a social network and just enjoy looking at the kids in this cold winter day. Continue reading

vHow The World’s Popular Websites Looked Like at the Beginning (1)

How The World’s Popular Websites Looked Like at the Beginning

Even the greatest among us had humble beginnings. This is just as true for websites, however, as it is for people. Even online giants like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were once itty-bitty websites with monochrome homepages, poorly-thought-out logos and boring or stark turn-of-the-century designs. Mashable, which collected the old homepages from the Wayback Machine, even included their own site on the list. Check out these images to see how the internet greats looked in their infancy. And Dont worry Start always be small but you should make it big further… Continue reading

Popular Guns of Famous People For Gun Fans…

Shooters you should check this post ones, Federico Mauro doesn’t sit still, after his ‘Famous Sunglasses’, ‘Famous Shoes‘ and ‘Famous Guitars’, he now presents us ‘Famous Guns’. He started these projects just for fun, but the internet picked it up very good. He collected guns from famous figures and illustrated a series of all these iconic weapons

Check out the shoooooot….. Continue reading

Famous Statues

Most Famous Statues of All Countries, You Must See…

In each country, especially in the capitals, there are many ancient and modern attractions, which annually attract millions of tourists. In addition to the castles, squares, palaces and parks, there are some statue that tourists are really interested in and must see. Let’s look at those who just want to see while visiting a country… Continue reading