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Some Different Wooden Sculpture (5)

Some Different Wooden Sculpture

Japanese artist-sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemak, carves life-size figures of the camphor tree.
Japanese with their creativity tried to convey to mankind the idea that nothing lasts forever. Youth passes, old age too. Sooner or later we will all become a bunch of white bones, unidentifiable. And that is no reason for discouragement, and a signal that you need to appreciate the time. Every minute passes without a trace. From it has neither skeletons nor sad mound in the cemetery, where it would bring flowers. check this… Continue reading

Snow Sculptures In Penal Colonies Ukraine (3)

Snow Sculptures In Penal Colonies Ukraine

In early February, in many prisons of Ukraine they host contests of snow figures. Winners are chosen by representatives of management of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine. Such creative competitions are held in prisons in Ukraine is not the first year, and every year the local prisoners create more intricate “masterpieces”. Check out… Continue reading


A Interesting Sculpture Giant “Rubber Duck” Floats to Hong Kong

The giant inflatable “Rubber Duck,” a floating sculpture by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, has traveled the world’s waterways for several years and is now set to debut in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour on May 2nd. Standing at over 54 feet high, the duck will remain in Hong Kong until June 9th. thats really interesting have a look…. Continue reading

Life-Like Sculptures By Australian Artist Ron Mueck Boggle The Eye (1)

Life-Like Sculptures By Australian Artist Ron Mueck Boggle The Eye

Working in the realm of hyper-realism, Australian artist Ron Mueck creates jaw-dropping installations that at first glance appear to be comprised of actual human beings, placed in the middle of an art gallery. These jaw-dropping life-like creations can be seen at Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris thru Sept. 2013. These pieces are absolutely mind blowing. Continue reading

Stunning Marble Art You Will Not Believe.... (3)

Stunning Marble Art You Will Not Believe….

This amazing sculpture is made by famous artist name Shinichi HaraAfter,looking at all the magnificent detail in this sculpture I couldn’t visually pinpoint what it was made from. Given the large white block from which it started from, I considered that “White Dream” was made of styrofoam. we found that it was made of marble, however, it almost seemed too obvious. It was a bit shocking like how the artist effortlessly carve out so much movement and fluidity into his masterpiece. Truly amazing! Have a look… Continue reading

Unique Tiny Sculptures Made Form Old Watch Parts (5)

Unique Tiny Sculptures Made From Old Watch Parts

Susan Beatrice is a professional commercial sculptor, she created multitudes of products for Disney, Henson, Warner Brothers, Universal, DC Comics, Sony Entertainment and many others. She also worked on many well known toy lines and collectibles for companies such as Waterford Crystal, the Franklin and Danbury Mints and American Greetings. Many of the chocolate bunnies and Nickelodeon characters you see in your local stores started out on her desk. So you can tell how talented she is and this amazing sculptures made from old watch parts is another work of the artist that is not wiling to stop. Continue reading