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Happiness of Childhood From Around The World (26)

Happiness of Childhood From Around The World

No matter what the economic situation of our country is going on, kids will always find creative ways to have fun. Their wild fantasies and fairy baby moments captured by talented photographers here created a truly remarkable scene. Here is a selection, we can easily show that childhood can be perfect no matter what country the child grows…

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Best Street Art OF 2013 (16)

Best Street Art From Around The World – 2013

I Love street art more if they convey some message. Although I Love the world of ART And I know some you do the same. Every year on the streets of cities around the world there are thousands of new jobs you can see thats the so-called street art. Usually it’s just a bright-scale paintings, but sometimes the authors are trying to convey to citizens any ideas or “appeal”.

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Amazing Street Art and a Abandoned village Doel (19)

A Abandoned village Doel and Its Amazing Street Art

Doel a 700-year-old village near the river Scheldt in Belgium. Now its on the verge of demolition. The only reason – that it is too close to the port of Antwerp. Somewhere in the 1970s, it was decided to expand the port of Antwerp and Doel quickly became a target for demolition. Construction of a large dock and cargo terminal capable of receiving deep Court has already begun near the village. Continue reading

Some Unique Collection of Street Art... (1)

Some Unique Collection of Street Art…

Street art is art, specifically visual art, developed in public spaces. Typically the term street art or the more specific post-graffiti is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti, vandalism, and corporate art. In our today’s article you can observe the beautiful concept of street art all around the world twisted by different artists. So let’s have a look below “Unique Examples Of Street Art” this will really puff your mind and hope you will like this collection Continue reading

Smart French Street Art from OakoAk (31)

Unique French Street Art from OakoAk

You Dont have to be a professional artist to create a creative urban pattern. French street artist OakoAk modestly calls himself “just maratelem,” but his “smart” street art is not the first adorns on the streets of Saint-Etienne, and other French cities.

OakoAk prefers not to interfere with existing street context, and to improve its small unexpected details. By adding just a few lines or a few colors, OakoAk gives the urban landscape of his native Saint-Etienne, the element of surprise, which is based street art.

“I wanted to make it look better. Saint-Etienne was once an industrial city with numerous coal mines. He is now being revived and is still very poor. But it is easy to move around on foot, finding the ideal objects for street art. I’ve seen all over the blank for their work and wanted to implement them, “- explains the artist.

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