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Colorful Eye Catching Street Art (8)

Colorful Eye Catching Popular Street Art

Inventive British street artist and illustrator extraordinaire David Shillinglaw is one of the few graffiti artists, who’s colourful work can be seen in some of the most remote and unusual locations in the world. “Life is a struggle. For everyone. From the smallest insect to the greatest beast, we are determined by the success we seek, and how, in turn we measure that success. Each of us experiencing ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. Like a game of snakes and ladders.” – David Shillinglaw You’ll see his imagination not only colouring the streets of London and Paris, but also places like Kosovo, Gambia and even Cape Town. His eceletic mix of fonts, words, faces and limbs form his unique and signature style – it’s striking, energetic, seriously cool and a hell of a lot of fun. Continue reading

A Unique Incredible New 3D Street Art (1)

A Unique Incredible New 3D Street Art

Back in June 2012, we came across the unique street art of Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic. Called a “new Banksy” by The Wall Street Journal, the then 25-year-old was just starting to make a name for himself with his incredibly clever street art works. The way he incorporates 3D objects into his pieces makes them fresh and exciting and, the fact that they appear interactive, only makes them all the more appealing.
This month, he worked on a project for Butter & Beans, a small cafe owned by his close friend in a quiet, residential part of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Like many of his outdoor pieces, he adds a dash of whimsy by mixing painting with actual objects. A young boy holding a plant pot, pulls on a string which triggers a flow of leaves into a white cup sitting on a table. As he writes on his Facebook page, “Green tea, anyone?” Continue reading

Cartoon Street Art By Kenny Random (1)

Cartoon Street Art By Kenny Random

Kenny Random – is a master of street art from the Italian city of Padua. Basically, it’s all you can say about him. But his work speak about it a lot. Earlier projects include the silhouette of a man and his cat, who “wander” in the city, by painting it in bright colors. In his later works, Kenny uses cartoon characters. As the author says, – “I like to play with fantasy and reality, so I try to find the best place to give more power to the animated characters. Cartoons are very powerful on paper, but on the street, they become part of real life. A correctly chosen place can give them more power! ” Continue reading

Clever Street Art Will Make You Think….

Recently, street art has become an art form. It evolved. Every month, around the world there are more and more sophisticated and interesting pictures on the streets. Today we offer you to look at the really clever street art that is not only pleasant to eye, but also makes you think, or at least nod approvingly. All these pictures are distinguished by their unique and smart approach of artists who created them. Continue reading

Incredible Three-Dimensional Street Art of Kurt Wenner

Over the years, street art became very wide and people love, and Different images and interactive illusions on the streets are now became a big part of art world. Street artist Kurt Wehner knows this kind of art very well, I have already given you lots his amazing unique work to check out in previous post.His amazing 3D drawings have stole lots of people heart all around the world, His paintings are the most diverse subject, they all share one goal – to invite the audience to participate in an event. Have a look… Continue reading

Check Out Best Street Art of 2012 (29)

Check Out Best Street Art of 2012

Our world is a blank canvas and streets are part of it where people give breathtaking work as a art. We present you a selection of  30 coolest pieces of street art.
Among the best – simple and complex, funny and scary, unpretentious and sophisticated. We have tried to cover the whole range of incredible street art and show it to you from around the world… Continue reading


Street Art From DALeast

DALeast landed on the planet in 1984 in China, and then decided to live life as an artist. He studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and occasionally painted on the streets under the name DAL. It inspires him alot and like this way he worked in all around the world, and revealed the spiritual world, he is using the space of world to express the emotions and made Figures on the street. His Style of work is really unique. Continue reading

Amazing Pøbel Street Artist and His Art From Norway (20)

Amazing Pøbel Street Artist and His Art From Norway

The name and age of the street artist Pøbel (translated as “Hooligan”) from Stavanger (Norway) – nobody knows. However, the “bully” is known for his drawings, depicted on the “canvas” in the form of abandoned buildings and structures located on the Lofoten Islands off the northwest coast of Norway. Have a look….. Continue reading

Different Street Art on The Rails... (1)

Zebrating – Different Street Art on The Rails…

Zebrating – a duo of street artists from Mannheim in Germany. The word Zebrating can be translated as “manufacturing a zebra,” which describes the artistic style of this group. In other words, the street artists paint “zebra technique”, that is – on the rails. At a certain angle enthusiastic spectator opens the whole picture, Have a look of unique art…. Continue reading