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Beaches Are So I Would Like to Be Right Now (12)

Beaches Are So Beautiful I Would Like to Be There Now

Oh, the beaches – no matter how much we may write about them, no matter how many photos we click ,we always like the , one of the most pleasant places on earth, even if it is on the beach in Gelendzhik, not an exotic coast with access to the Caribbean Sea. We bring you the most interesting podborochku beaches in the world. Interesting not only for its beauty and exoticism, but something else. Continue reading


Aquadom – A Huge Aquarium In Radisson Blu

In the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin you can see the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium – “AQUADIV» (Aqua Dom). Its diameter is 11 meters and the height of the glass  is only – 16 m. Total weight of glass – about 150 tons. Inside the tank ther is a transparent elevator with a capacity of forty people and hiking tourists on the observation deck. The aquarium have about 2,000 different kinds of fish swimming at different depths. For their feeding and cleaning the aquarium divers are used. Its really unique check out…. Continue reading

Pilot Gave Pizza Treat To All Passengers In The Plane (1)

Pilot Gave Pizza Treat To All Passengers In The Plane

Aircraft airline Frontier Airlines, flying from Washington to Denver, made an emergency landing in Wyoming because of a severe thunderstorm. Banned from leaving the passengers aboard the plane, they were told to remain seated and wait for the weather, after which the aircraft will continue to follow up on the planned route. To brighten up the waiting departure, the pilot by his own money ordered 38 pizzas directly for the passengers, I think the pilot is so sweet.. Continue reading

Magic Night Nepal (2)

BeautifulvMagic Night in Nepal

In the words of creator of the project…

Anton tells Peter: “The strangest time – this night. When the loudest noise knocks your heart, and occasionally winds walk through the valley. Night in mountains is doubly beautiful. Imagine a moonlit night, clouds of mist underfoot, easy breeze, mojito glass and noise
Night mode is not for the lazy and late risers. It is very difficult to overcome the desire to warm immediately after dinner to get into a warm sleeping bag and fall asleep for 12 hours. But we must go into the damp, cold and uncertainty in the hope of catching a few exceptional staff. In fact, I pin icon smile Magic Night NepalNight Photography -was a big thrill and experiment when you do not know what eventually happened after pressing. What happened with me – see this post. ” Continue reading

Americas list of "Most Bizarre Russian Customs" (12)

Americas list of “Most Bizarre Russian Customs”

As posted on the popular U.S. website article provides a list of “most bizarre customs,” which is worth knowing U.S. citizens intending to visit Russia for the first time.
Added an article published on the entertainment site Buzzfeed, compiled a list of Russian customs that Americans seem strange and absurd. List of “oddities” consists of 16 items listed below.
So, according to the Americans, Strange Russian customs: Continue reading

I-City: Glowing Garden in Malaysia (16)

I-City: Glowing Garden in Malaysia

Visiting the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, tourists often emit only a day or sightseeing. But, in the district of the capital there are also hidden interest. For example, the city of the future Putrajaya majestic Batu Caves, Genting Highlands city or LED lights I-City. On three of the first object is enough information, but on I-City to tell in detail.

I-City-This Malaysian version of Silicon Valley with offices and parkland, with nightly entertainment and a variety of leisure activities. City Lights Digital ICITY near Kuala Lumpur in Shah Alam (Shah Alam) – is a theme park, an ideal place for the whole family. The entire infrastructure of the city, streets, shops, parks and attractions – is reaching new LED technology. The main attractions are CityPark and CityWalk. Trees in the park special – artificial maple and pine branches which consist of millions of LED lamps. Each year, changing light sculptures.

In the area of ​​i-City they uses the latest LED lighting technology. This place excites and fascinates visitors, especially during various celebrations. Especially  this place is popular during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. I-City area affects high technology. Not surprisingly, the picturesque area of ​​i-City, featuring a unique type of lighting has become a haven for amateur photographers. There are also well received wedding photos. Continue reading

25 Best Places For Snorkeling (13)

25 Best Picturesque Places For Snorkeling – World

Bored of the cold? The sun a couple of days worth hide by us, and we have dreams of summer. Well, why do not really think about where and how you want to spend holiday …
That’s just let’s not ly idle by the pool or, even worse, in the country, 50 km from the city. Think wider! Why not plan an active holiday full of experiences? For example, snorkel in one of the most picturesque places in the world. Especially that we have prepared for you a list of such places. Continue reading

Former Champion Of Table Tennis Robot Beating....

Former Champion Of Table Tennis Robot Beating….

Internationally renowned German athlete Timo Boll (last – first racket of the world) played a game of table tennis with the industrial robot KR Agilus and won with a score of 11-9.
52-pound robot KR Agilus is a manipulator arm and is a “flagship” line Kuka. It can be used for loading and unloading, and perform assembly, painting and other operations. According to Kuka, the robot moves n so fast that he can compete with the best athletes on the planet. It is programmed in such a way that virtually every possible position to return the ball on the opponent’s half of the table. Check out and I would like to hear views of professional table tennis players on this via comments. Continue reading

Rabbit Island in Japan (1)

Awesomeness of Rabbit Island in Japan

Okunoshima – a small island located between Hiroshima and Shikoku in the Inland Sea. During World War II, the island was a secret military testing ground for the development of toxic gases and other chemical weapons. Now the island is crowded cute fluffy bunnies, who are the main inhabitants of the island.
Translated especially for fishki.net Now the main inhabitants of the island – these rabbits. Their population has increased to 300 individuals. Island authorities shall ensure that the island did not get dogs, cats and other animals that may threaten the rabbits. The island-700000 square meters. Rabbits can be found in every corner of the island and they are very friendly. They quietly climb on his knees to the people who have something edible. The hotel is located on the island, you can even buy special treats in order to feed the small animals Continue reading