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UNIQUE Dance Quadrocopter (Video)

The rapid development of radio-controlled copter has recently made them very popular in many different areas.Various techniques of stabilizing during the flight are allowed to use them not only for shooting video, but for a different show. We have already seen an orchestra from quadrocopter, and now the Japanese company Eleven Play dance number set using three such devices that move around the stage dancers movements respectively.Technical execution and synchronization of dance movements drones are still far from ideal, but aesthetically statement looks pretty impressive!

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Flight Attendant Delivers Comedy Themed Safety Announcement (WATCH)

Hilarious SWA flight attendant….wants to meet Ellen & Jimmy Fallon!!

Airlines have tried various strategies over the years to gain passengers’ attention during the safety announcements. Delta and others have produced elaborate videos. Entertainment, though, seems to work the best.

How about a comedy stand-up routine?

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant, who delivered what sounded like a professional comedy monologue during her in-flight announcements, earned a huge round of applause from everyone on the plane.

Posted on YouTube by the hilarious Marty Cobb herself, the video has tallied more than a million views since it was posted on Saturday.

Good News Network viewers might remember the 2009 musical perfomance by another Southwest employee, David Holmes, who delivered his announcements while rapping.

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Gorilla shows kids who is the real boss !!!

Most amazing video which is got famous, we can say it in the best of 2013 check out..

A gorilla can stand being called “ugly” only so many times. A group of taunting children learned that first hand after an insulted primate got its revenge by scaring the pants off the kids. In a short video that has quickly gone viral, the kids can be seen pounding on the gorilla’s glass cage and insulting its appearance. After giving the kids its best 1,000-yard stare, the gorilla leaps toward the glass, giving the kids an epic scare. The gorilla then walks off, showing its hairy derriere to the kids. Gorilla: 1, Kids: 0. Continue reading