Cubism and Tattoos the famous art and creativity

The heyday of Cubism in the early twentieth century gave the world famous artists such as Picasso, Duchamp, Malevich … Today this area is trying to revive the art duo Expanded Eye , famous for his original tattoos in stressed geometrize style.




On the work of artists Jade Tomlinson and Kiva James (Jade Tomlinson, Kev James) we already told readers of the site Kulturologiya.RF. This British-French team deservedly considered the creator of the most bizarre tattoo in the world . For several years, they work in tandem, coming up with amazing tattoos in the spirit of Cubism. Coming up with great responsibility to each illustration, they know beforehand the customer of his life story, build a creative concept, think the system that each pattern becomes personalized as possible. Initially, the artists create a sketch of the future creations on paper, and then “transfer” it to the body.


Among the most original works of art collective worth noting tattoo called “Lament of the Earth.” It was made guy Noille, who devoted his life to the struggle against the environmental crisis on our planet and protect the world from the negative effects of human activity.


Tattoo for a girl whose name Namkha, – an illustration of the binary nature of women. Figure shows how the “coexist” routine and creativity in one person.


Another tattoo – the history of the fox-girl named Maren, who has done a lot of traveling over the Atlantic to find happiness in Iceland.


Ideas patterns often occur when a person wants to “immortalize” sign for him the truth. This decision was made Illias, and on his body appeared unusual tattoo: a metaphor of his father’s covenant that true harmony one realizes only in harmony with nature, and it is very difficult to achieve, living in the city, if you do not make an effort.



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