Terms of Decomposition Of Garbage In Photos

Terms of Decomposition Of Garbage In Photos

Throwing trash on the shore of a river or lake, in the woods or in the field, think about these figures. Your grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren will enjoy all these charms after you. Children must watch!

1 Litter animals – trouble in big cities. The term of the expansion is small, only 10-15 days, but it is a lot of trouble.

2 Food waste. Decompose for about a month.

3 Newsprint. Term expansion – from 1 month to 1 season.

4 leaves, seeds and twigs. Even they can be the cause of serious pollution in the city. Term expansion – 3-4 months.

5 cartons decompose within 3 months.

6 Paper. The most common office paper decomposes 2 years.

7 boards from the site. If they are not under proper care, the period of expansion up to 10 years.

8 The term expansion – 11-13 years.

9 Iron banks. Term – 10 years.

10 Old Shoes – 10 years.

11 Fragments of bricks and concrete – 100 years.

12 – about 100 years.

13 Foil – more than 100 years.

14 Electric batteries – 110 years.

15 Rubber tires – 120-140 years.

16 Plastic Bottles – about 180-200 years.

17 Aluminium cans – almost the most dangerous trash. Term expansion – 500 years.

18 Finally, glass. How much is it already crammed in our places of leisure, nobody knows. Term expansion glass – more than 1000 years.


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