The Best Love Stories of All Time

No woman in the world, which is at least once not turning the pages romance. Grace ladies, gentlemen and noble romantic relationships – that’s what sometimes is lacking in modern life. We present a list of the best examples of romantic prose, over which tears held back many generations of women.


“The Thorn Birds”. Colleen McCullough

Red-haired beast Maggie and Catholic priest Ralph – Is it possible relationships between these different members of society? Reading page after page, you are constantly waiting for a miracle that will finally bring together two loving hearts. This amazing love story really deserves to be read to the end, because how else can happen to know whether what everyone was waiting for so long.


“The Gadfly”. Ethel Lilian Voynich

Maybe someone will be surprised, but it’s really a love story, even if that relationship Gadfly and beauty Gemma handed down by the wayside. Until the very last page of the novel you will be in constant tension, wondering stubbornness and stupidity of heroes and experiencing with them. The outcome of this story will be a farewell letter Gadfly, which certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.


“Gone With the Wind.” Margaret Mitchell

Brave and charming Scarlett Rhett, who does not know this amazing couple. Everything see how they fit together, all but stubborn Scarlett, which stubbornly trying to convince himself in the love of colorless Ashley. Readers do not understand how you can prefer this demure handsome Battler. Surviving along with the characters every minute of their eventful lives, we come to the final, in which we will have a happy ending.


Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen

What you waiting for, if in your family besides you several sisters of marriageable age, and there is not any dowry? Miss Elizabeth Bennet is well aware that a wealthy suitor she can not even dream. But when her life’s journey there is a handsome and wealthy Darcy, it would seem, the girl would be worth to do everything possible in order not to miss the chance. But it was not there! Will impregnable and proud Lizzie to admit to herself that her heart has long been settled that narcissistic fool Darcy, this can be found only after reading the novel to the end.


“Vanity Fair.” William Thackeray

This story captures his wonderfully recreates the atmosphere of England in the early 19th century. In the era of balls, masquerades and the Napoleonic wars, we meet an ambitious and desperate Becky Sharp. The history of this adventuress no one can remain indifferent.


“Jane Eyre.” Charlotte Bronte

The love story of a simple governess and her employer. Indifference at first ardent passion to get married in a couple of chapters. Really for poor Jen, who had suffered a great deal a lot in his life, finally it’s a happy time? Unfortunately, in front of her to expect still many tests, which eventually run out reunion with loved ones.


“La Dame de Monsoreau.” Alexandre Dumas

Handsome Bussy and married Diane de Monsoreau. Their meeting leads to the fact that in between flashes passion. Their love story is quite complex and full of intrigues, duels, wine and insidious machinations of the enemy, for which we are to follow closely.


“Rebecca.” Daphne du Maurier

Poor orphan lucky to marry a rich widower, who is also still and beautiful. It would seem, live so rejoice. But no matter how well, the heroine always tormented by remorse, because she believes she is not good enough and not worthy of the love of a man. But do not worry, as expected, all will end well.


“Angelica”. Anne and Serge Golon

There is hardly a person who does not know an amazing, beautiful story of the beautiful Angelica and brave Count de Peyrac. This story avidly read all our mothers and grandmothers, weeping over the unhappy fate of the protagonist.


“Stranger”. Diana Golbdon

This story will appeal to fans of historical fantasy and hard supporters of patriarchal relations. The main message of this work lies in the fact that a woman should know her place. That’s just agree not all.


“Fifty Shades of Grey.” Erika Leonard James

If you’re a fan of the film “Nine and a half weeks,” that book “Fifty Shades of Grey”, certainly for you. There could not be better revealed the full range of sexual practices and psychological deviations against the background of the “big clean” love.

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