1. An FSA fighter throws a home-made grenade along one of Aleppo's front lines

The Free Syrian Army fights Assad’s forces in Aleppo

1. An FSA fighter throws a home-made grenade along one of Aleppo’s front lines

2. FSA fighters battle forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Aleppo

3. A rebel fighter is carried by his friends and laid on a gurney.

4. An FSA commander in Aleppo sits down after a surprise attack by regime forces destroyed a key fighting position along the front line.

5. A child who suffered injuries in an air strike which destroyed his home and killed his father recovers in one of Aleppo’s last standing

6. An FSA fighter carries a baby, the only survivor in his family after an artillery round destroyed their home

7. A member of the FSA takes aim through a window in Aleppo

8. An FSA fighter stands next to a hole in the wall used as an escape route in a building in Aleppo

9. Smoke billows from a burning textile factory after a nearby position held by Syrian rebels was shelled by regime forces

10. Bab Qensrien, Aleppo’s historical neighbourhood, burns as Assad’s military launches a campaign to retake control of the city

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