The Head Office of Skype’s Palo Alto

The Head Office of Skype’s Palo Alto

The main North American office Skype is in the heart of Silicon Valley – Palo Alto, CA. Its design takes architectural firm Blitz, the company has created a creative design, but at the same time, functional workspace. Office interior is designed to encourage interaction and spontaneity among employees, as well as with the thought of meeting the specific acoustic requirements of the company, due to the active use of audiovisual equipment.
Blitz challenge was to create a Skype world-class office, distinguishes the company from its competitors and neighbors allows to recruit the most talented staff. As a result, architects, designers created an office space of 5000 square meters with nearly 5-meter high, ensuring efficient operation of 250 employees working in this high-tech company. As an added plus project it was certified LEED Silver, which celebrates “green” environmentally friendly construction.

1. Photo: Hoffman Chrisman

2. Photo: Hoffman Chrisman

3. Skype encourages a method of ” meetings” and philosophy, called “living thinking” (the effect of the environment on the thought process.) Therefore, the office created a number of special “islands” for spontaneous meetings, simplifying the interaction of employees and generate ideas. Photo: Matthew Millman    

6. Open areas with desks arranged around the perimeter of the room, which gives them access to natural light and less noise. A common areas (conference rooms, reception area with coffee and the “white boards”) are concentrated in the center of each level, encouraging staff literally “meet in the middle.”

7. Separate closed negotiating provide sound insulation and access to audio-visual equipment. “Islands” for informal meetings,they are arranged between or immediately next to the intercom, allowing participants to easily find a meeting place of meeting each other. This is especially true for foreign and temporary employees.

8. The so-called “zone for thought” are scattered in open space lounge, sometimes transition smoothly from one to another. Photo: Hoffman Chrisman


10. Mobile “white board” called the company «skype-it». They hang around and are designed to provide multiple opportunities for informal team meetings or just to fix a sudden idea came to your mind. Photo: Matthew Millman

11. Photos: Hoffman Chrisman


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