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The hunter who saved a president

1. Richard John Cuninghame at the age of 19, in plain cloth kilt at Lainshaw, near Dumfries

2. Richard John Cuninghame taken in his hunting garb in East Africa c1908

3. Richard John Cuninghame taken in Cairo, Egypt in 1882

4. Richard John Cuninghame being carried by local tribesman while on safari in East Africa

5. Bonham’s book specialist, Henry Baggott Cuninghame’s journal that he kept while on his trek from Mombasa to Cairo in 1901 – 1902.

6. Richard John Cuninghame taken during a safari in East Africa, c1908

7. Kermit Theodore son of American President Theodore Roosevelt taken on 17th December 1909

8. American President Theodore Roosevelt taken on 17th December 1909, shortly after he left office (March 4th 1909)

9. Tribesman in East Africa c1909

10. Bonham’s book specialist, Henry Baggott with some of Richard John Cuninghame’s possessions that the explorer.

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