The Louvre-Lens museum opens in a grim coal mining town in northern France

1. The Louvre museum has opened a new satellite branch among the slag heaps of a former mining town in northern France, in a bid to bring high culture and visitors.

2. The 150 million euro (£122 million) glass and polished aluminium building was designed by Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima.

3. The building itself sits on a disused coalmine, homage to a once-thriving coal industry, and a reminder of an industrial decline.

4. Greeted by a group of former miners in overalls and hardhats, President Francois Hollande inaugurated.

5. Authorities hope the museum will draw 500,000 visitors a year, from locals to tourists from Paris, London, Belgium.

6. The Lens branch is the first ever regional offshoot of the Louvre, which is also planning a brand new museum in Abu Dhabi for 2014.

7. For its first five years, the museum’s central gallery will showcase 200 works spanning from Antiquity to 1850.

8. A woman studies Leonardo de Vinci’s The Virgin and Child with Sainte Anne

9. A person walks past The Virgin and Child Between the Twelve Apostles, an altarpiece of the church of Saint-Martin.

10. Map showing the location of Lens – an hour from Paris, and close to Calais and Belgium