The Most Dangerous Winter Sports

Now, in the midst of the Olympics, interest in winter sports is particularly high, but we must not forget about the risks posed by popular sports disciplines. The risks of injury lurks not only professional athletes, but also lovers.

In this issue we will focus on eight of the most dangerous types of winter sports.

1. Snowboarding

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After analyzing the statistics of the past Winter Olympics, the experts identified the most dangerous winter sport. Most traumatic recognized snowboarding, sports discipline that was included in the Winter Games in 2006. There are frequent fall athletes and collision at high speed. In Vancouver, 22 of 16 snowboard surfer affected, while among male athletes – four out of 35. Just this kind of injuries to 35% of Olympians.

2. Freestyle skiing (acrobatics)

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This sport includes doing various tricks on skis, ski acrobatics, jumping from a special jump and downhill on a special track, replete with mounds and mounds. As a result, numerous injuries and even deaths freestyle skiing athletes earned fame dangerous sport that alienated from the competition sponsors, as well as permanently closed road freestyle in the Olympic program.

3. Skating

In order to get injured, skating, not necessarily triple toe loop jump or twist Biellmann like eminent skaters. Even just gliding along the perimeter of the ice rink can be very unfortunate fall.

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Ice skating is also characterized by a high degree of hazards. This conclusion, British scientists analyzed official statistics, according to which every year in the United Kingdom recorded hundreds of accidents that occurred at the ice arena. Most often it is – injuries and concussions from falls, however, there are also more serious consequences, which are usually associated with injuries from skate blades other athletes. One of the most common types of injury is injury to your hand, particularly when a person begins to fall and puts his hands in front of him, the risk can be quite large.

4. Skiing (downhill skiing)

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Preferring steep mountain slopes skiers can get injured legs or spine because of an unfortunate fall, during which particularly affecte knees. Novice skiers are particularly at risk because their muscles are not yet strong, and movements are uncoordinated and unsure. One of the common mistakes beginners – this crossing skis. Besides, it puts forward a stick, because this situation increases the risk of injury. Well, carelessness on the hillside, as well as possible collisions dramatically increase the risk of breaking.

5. Short track

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Short Track (from “short path”) is relatively young, but the most extreme and dangerous form of speed skating. During the race, speed skating athletes can reach up to 50 km / h It is clear that if overclocked fall or collision athletes can have very dire consequences. Not without reason, this sport for a long time did not make the Olympic program (first competition in short track at the Winter Olympics were held in 1988 in Calgary), appealing his risk and severity of injuries athletes.

6. Toboggan

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Tragedy began four years ago Vancouver Olympics – even before the official opening of the Games on the bobsleigh track in Whistler death crashed Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili. He lost control of the sled in the last corner, which includes athletes at an angle of 270 degrees at a speed of about 140 km / h Sleigh overturned, and with the power of luger hit the metal stopper, received injuries incompatible with life.

This case clearly illustrates how dangerous it can be luge. It should be remembered that the risk of not only professional bobsledder, because even on normal sledding can be seriously hurt. A downhill on a sled on a steep slope at a speed easily get broken as often hinder legs. And possible head injury, resulting in collisions with other athletes. As a rule, most of all injuries sustained on the luge slope constitute traumatic brain injury.

7. Ski jumping

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This sport is exciting and extremely beautiful. But the beauty demands victims and explained entertainment extreme. As a consequence – high travmoopastnost jumping. Even experienced divers are not immune to surprises in this dangerous sport. It is necessary to consider all the details and nuances. Imagine an athlete whose speed during acceleration up to 100 km / h, and that jumps from a height of 70-90 meters. At the same distance of the jump is an average of 80 to 140 meters …

Due to such a high possibility of injury, jumping – it’s practically the only discipline of skiing in competitions in which women do not participate.

8. Hockey

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All you have probably heard the song “Truth does not play hockey.” It’s really traumatic game, during which athletes are constantly at risk of collisions and falls. Added danger sharp skate blades and washer. A broken teeth players have become one of the “business cards” for this sport. Downs, sweeps and strikes opponent mass brawls, hit the stick and puck – all weekdays hockey.

However, the more professional athletes – the safer game as experienced players better coordinated, able to properly grouped in the fall or deftly avoid a collision. Besides modern hockey has become much safer due to improved protective clothing. Quality protective gear can be purchased in stores Sportmaster .

9. Protective equipment.

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Despite all the above, we should not lose heart, because nothing stands still, and protective equipment for winter sports manufacturers improved from season to season. So instead of depriving yourself of pleasure exercise in the frosty air, better well-equipped and continue to hone their skills in their favorite sport.

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