The Most Frightening Bridge Ever

Storseisundet Bridge (Norwegian: Storseisundetbrua) is the longest of the eight bridges that make up the Atlanterhavsveien (“The Atlantic Road”), the road connection from the mainland Romsdal peninsula to the island of Averøya in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway.

It is a bridge on one of Norway’s most scenic and popular tourist roads – the Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian). The bridge named Storseisundet makes a sharp bend as it jumps over a number of small islands and waterways. The approach to the bridge looks scary as the bridge seems to end abruptly and as if any attempt to proceed would result into the vehicle flying out and dropping into the waters below.

Storseisundet Bridge is a cantilever bridge that is 260 metres (850 ft) long and with a maximum clearance to the sea of 23 metres (75 ft). It was opened on 7 July 1989, and it was a toll road until June 1999.
1206 Storseisundet Bridge1. Of course, it’s just an optical illusion. The bridge is constructed in such a way as to create the illusion of a “bridge to nowhere” in approaching him at a certain angle.

2196 Storseisundet Bridge

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  1. I swear these days every third stumble takes me to a ‘blog’ (a.k.a a page of adverts with some god awful content) packed with some of the worst English I’ve ever seen.

  2. Hey guys, if you Stumble Upon a site you don’t like just thumb it down and choose why you don’t like it (Spam or Dupe for example if these  are the reasons). That will help make it better for all of us!

  3. So interesting, I was in Gala, Norway this past summer and I could’nt even imagine going even MORE deep into erie, yet beautiful, lands of Norway. I remember looking out of my cabin window looking at the glacier covered mountains just above where I was located, and thanking my lucky stars that I was down looking up and not the opposite. This Bridge is amazing, but I have a feeling I will only “see” it in photos. 

  4. Why you are whining about english? You are acting like the whole world speaks english and should know it… Learn another language besides your own and see how people laugh at your crappy grammar.

    On topic, sweet pictures love the angles!

  5. You do realise stumbleupon only displays random webpages which are assorted and picked using references from the options which you ticked in the “Interests” page? To blame stumbleupon for pointing you to this website is to blame yourself for picking this genre as an interest… Idiot.

  6. idk what kind of “English” you use, but unless you’re an idiot that can’t read well….I’d say this is well written. 

  7. Dear God, either this is a total troll, or someone who has no concept of the English language whatsoever. You’re right, this was terribly written. Interesting bridge, but horrible grammar.

  8. Either a troll or a dumbass.  The content was interesting, the English was horrendous.

  9. People just need to calm down. Why take offensive to someone that you will never see in your life? People are gonna hate, let them hate

  10. Scrolled up to investigate the claims of poor grammer, first line I come across looks like this: “here are some photos that bridge looks almost like normal”.  Hint: say it out loud if you’re confused

  11. total waste of time stressing about how someone spelt something. Un1E33 It3 spE1t 1ikE Thi3.

  12. You made my night. It’s terrible you had to point out the obvious to the fool. And I agree, these pictures are great.

  13. Whats up with people caring so much about english? Get over it, people are talking about a picture not grammar!

  14. Unless you are completely dumb you got the jist of the post. As an english speaker i’d rather have poor english than fluent hebrew or nigerian or japanesse or….
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  15. This looks like something from a racing game, it be fun to just be one by yourself and go at it.


    click the link Jeremy, do you now realise that you are a complete fucking idiot.
    You didn’t actually notice the spelling of Japanes(s)e that I got wrong, I’m surprised you didn’t have a problem with my lack of capital letters too. So, please feel free to incorrectly correct me again if you like!

  17. It seems to be the norm. I lived in Tampa Florida and drove past Bush Gardens everyday. I remember going there in my youth when it was simply gardens and exotic birds. For some reason the new amusement park with all its rides wasn’t very spectacular to me. But other folks cringed when I told them I had little interest in it. We never seem to appreciate what is right around us.  

  18. Next time post this in Norwegian and screw all these ungrateful dumb-as-an-american english speakers.

  19. *gist, *English, *I’d, *English, *Hebrew, *Nigerian (not a language, by the way), *Japanese, *The, *English

  20. Thanks for your corrections. This whole post will now make far more sense, I feel really stupid and apologise to those that were unable to understand what I meant.
    All bow down to the superior, if a little wasted, intellect of Chris Tucker.

  21. Yeah because there are no smart Americans.  Hopefully your country will never need a bailout or help from America because we might be too stupid to get it to you

  22. Not might be too stupid to help, will be. Also your country is about 9 trillion dollars in debt. How can you help anyone with a bailout? idiot

  23. Funny, not so much ironic. (Sorry, had to – so much hate being posted that I had to join in).

  24. i sometimes wonder if a site is ‘stumbedupon’ because of its original content or how ridiculous (and often funny) the comments can get.

  25. I would rather drive on that bridge then Tacoma’s Galloping Girdy.
    That thing started swinging from side to side with a 45 degree pitch, then fell into the water below killing a little dog riding in the only car that got caught on the bridge. The driver ran for his life, literally and couldn’t get the dog out.
    They should have questioned why the building of that bridge was so low in price. Cheep Skates!

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