“Through the Eyes of Children” a Photo Contest

In September last year, children from around the world have provided the opportunity to participate in the competition, “Through the Eyes of Children”, which is dedicated to protecting the environment. Age limit of photographers is 17 years. More than 4,000 photos from 90 countries were selected only six became the winners. The first place was taken by an 8-year-old Russian Girl Anastasia Vorobko. Have a look you will definetly like it….

1. Photo-winner of the international contest “Through Children’s Eyes.” Author: 8-year-old Anastasia Vorobko from Russia.

  2. The runner-up photo, entitled “Emergency Exit” 14-year-old Juan Carlos Canales of Spain.

 3. Third place was shared by a few shots, “Morning in Situ Gunung” 10-year-old Michael Teodrika from Indonesia ….

  4. … And this shot “Fields of green” 14-year-old Stan Biany from Romania.

 5. Special award by judges, sympathy received, this shot was taken up by the wind package of 14-year-old Sophie Vela from France.

  6. This shot was Audience Award “Last Breath” 17-year-old Xenia Saberzhanovoy from Russia.

 7. “Peaceful coexistence” – photo of 9-year Darpana Basak.

 8. Migratory birds in India – photo 14-year-old Paula Reu.

 9. “Monkey in the Zoo” – photo by 14-year-old Eugene Konopleva from Ukraine.

 10. “Peering” – photo by 16-year-old Nicholas Morrow from Australia.

  11. This photo was taken by 17 years Sazzid Ahmed from Bangladesh.

  12. “Animals – are not things.” Photo by 17-year-old Kristina Bychkova.

  13. “Dump”. Photo by 16-year-old Mary Ann Tablante, Philippines.

  14. Shot by 13-year Agatha Gyakometti from France.

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