Elvis Summers Builds Tiny Houses For The Homeless

There are hundreds of thousands of homeless people who live their lives on our streets with nowhere to go, they are often treated as being subhuman trash.

Elvis Summers and the amazing people at Starting Human are on a mission to help the homeless men, women and children by building tiny houses / shelters. These are very simple abodes, one room with a door and a shuttered window, but it keeps people out of the wind and rain and gives them hope by providing a place they can call home.

Here’s a video of the house Elvis Summers built for his homeless neighbor, the lady named Smokie looks very happy with here new place and that’s what matters!

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Construction of the tiny house


Front Door

Roof on Tiny House

Elvis Summers spent around five days and $500 building the 3½ by 8 foot house, Smokie now has a place to sleep and call home.

Smokie's New Tiny House

Elvis Summers from Starting Human has created a GoFundMe campaign to build more tiny houses for the homeless, as of today, the fund is already over the $50,000 goal and is still going strong.

One of the next steps is finding suitable land for the homeless to “park” their homes. According to Elvis, the local police in his area are cooperative. At the moment the house would need to be moved every 72 hours, hopefully they will find some land for these homes as the project develops.

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