Top 10 Collection of Sizzling Bathrobes

A bathrobe, dressing gown or housecoat is a robe. A bathrobe is usually made from towelling or other absorbent textile, and may be donned while the wearer’s body is wet, serving both as a towel and an informal garment. A dressing gown (for men) or a housecoat (for women) is a loose, open-fronted gown closed with a fabric belt that is put on over nightwear on rising from bed, or, less commonly today, worn over some day clothes when partially dressed or undressed in the morning or evening. So here is a complete new range of bathrobes before you.

1) Batman Bathrobe –

Dreams of becoming a super hero will not be fulfilled completely but atleast this robe gives you the feeling and looks of the Batman. Its cost is about 80$.

2) Shark Baby Bathrobe –

Sharks are cute!!! May be in real it will never happen but after watching your kiddie in this bathrobe you will kiss the baby shark.

3)Star Wars Bathrobe –

This movie is still making people nuts and for those crazy fans here is a bathrobe. You love it na?

Star Wars Bathrobe

4) Yoda Bathrobe –

If you love aliens then go and buy this Yoda robe from your nearest market. You will be called alien afterward.

Yoda Bathrobe

5) Camouflage Bathrobe –

This is exclusively for your children. They (children) will also admire your taste.

Camouflage Bathrobe

6)Superman Bathrobe –

Again super hero maniac created it for you crazy people. Go and start flying.

7) Cow Bathrobe –

You must want to see your cutie pie in this colorful bathrobe. And want to catch her in a frame.

 Cow Bathrobe

8) Rocky Balboa –

Rocky is still the inspiration of many, so this is like their dream come true. God bless you and you shall become Stallion in future my son.

Rocky Balboa Bathrobe

9) Terry Shawl –

O O O la lah…. Beautiful you are taking hearts of the millions in this bathrobe. You are now my baby my love. 10)Turkish Bathrobe –

This beautiful and dazzling bathrobe is very attractive and makes you more prettier and charming.

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