Top 10 Fails of the Week – April 14th to April 21st, 2012

Top 10 Fails of the Week – April 14th to April 21st, 2012

Make a case for more art in your city…, The Democrats’ 2012 major taking point…, Chinese company names sunglasses…, Nestle’s profits begin to melt away…, Romney in Ohio…,  How bad does the new Miley Cyrus film “LOL” suck…, filter own water or drink tap…, Caller…, Sales of Ford’s $39,000 Electric Focus…, Ctrl-P Copies: Infinity…

1. If you’re going to make a case for more art in your city there are more compelling ways to do it than a toilet on a pedestal in the city square 

A West Virginia artist is charged with littering after he placed a toilet on a pedestal in a city square in what he says was a plea for more public art.

2. The Democrats’ 2012 major taking point: We’re not Republicans. No, really. That’s it

That’s what the Democrats’ slogan comes down to for the 2012 election. They can’t defend their records–either the Obama administration’s or the Democratic Senate’s–and they can’t talk about the economy.

3. Chinese company names sunglasses after Helen Keller

Deliberate irony or innocuous oversight? Neither, apparently. A Chinese company now marketing Hellen Keller-brand sunglasses said it found inspiration in Keller’s personal traits (rather than her blindness), the Wall Street Journal reports.

4. Nestle’s profits begin to melt away

The Vevey-based maker of Nescafe coffee, KitKat chocolate bars and Maggi soup reported a slight deceleration in quarterly organic sales growth that still beat forecasts as price hikes contributed more to growth than analysts expected.

5. Romney in Ohio: “Had the president’s economic plans worked, this factory would be open right now.” Reality: The plant closed in 2008

Speaking at a shuttered National Gypsum plant in Lorain, Ohio, Thursday, Mitt Romney claimed that “had the president’s economic plans worked, [the factory] would be open right now.”

6. How bad does the new Miley Cyrus film “LOL” suck? Lionsgate is intentionally opening it on the same day as “The Avengers”. In seven cities

“LOL” was supposed to represent a big step for Miley Cyrus’ movie career as she attempts to mature beyond her saccharine sweet image as Disney’s Hannah Montana. Instead, it has turned into a tough lesson about how quickly a Hollywood studio can fall out of love with a movie.

7. Uh oh, people realized they can just filter their own water or drink tap

Nestle SA (NESN)’s bottled-water business is struggling to regain momentum as twin concerns about the economy and the environment weigh on growth. The world’s biggest food company has been losing ground since 2006 as consumers switch to tap and filtered water and as concerns over the environmental impact of plastic packaging and energy used in transportation deter some shoppers, said Hope Lee, an analyst at Euromonitor International in London.

8. Caller: Help, a strange car is following me. Cops: We know, it’s us

A motorist scared at being followed by a car on the motorway called 999 to be told it was two plain clothed police officers in the car behind him. Strathclyde Police has been heavily criticised by the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland for the way it pursued the man for seven miles in an unmarked car.

9. Sales of Ford’s $39,000 Electric Focus have been less than two dozen, or in Chrysler terms, a pretty good

It might not be readily apparent, but there is a fifth major electric car offering currently on sale in select markets. The 2012 Ford Focus Electric has been on sale since December 2011, but the carmaker has only managed to sell a couple dozen of the EVs, according to The Detroit Free Press.

10. Ctrl-P Copies: Infinity

Central banks in Europe are increasingly reluctant to pump more money into markets after already massive liquidity injections intended to kick-start economic growth but, according to analysts, they may have no choice.

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