Top 10 Funny Pictures of May 2010

Top 10 Funny Pictures of May 2010

Every day there are number of pictures posted on social bookmarking sites, on which social media enthusiasts vote up and comment on it. The number of votes these pictures get are in thousands, which makes that story or image popular on these sites.

Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon are the most popular social bookmarking sites. Today in Odd Stuff Magazine we have selected 10 Most funny pictures of May 2010.

I hope you will like the selection, do drop in your comments and let us know which one is the funniest of these all.

Wait, Wait Your Holiness…Let Me Twitpic this

Who’s at the door hovercat?

Creepy Eyes or Just As funny As the T-Shirt

Run Man Run!!!

Proofreading fail


My Neighbor creeps me out

Mario Surprise

The advantages of being colorblind

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, reminiscing about the Past

The Inbox of Your Dreams

Bonus Gif : WTF



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