Top 10 Odd Stories Of November 2011

Again this month We have a plenty of bizarre events happening, it was a quite difficult task to get hold of the Top 10 of them. The news says whats happening in your North, East, West and South; so this is the most odd stuff happened in all 4 directions. A guy with racist tattoo cleans it off, a rugby team boss being fined 100 pigs etc.. For me this is the most bizarre month in terms of the news. Full of truth but strange !!

Go ahead and read the Top News Of The November 2011.

1. Blonde shopper becomes YouTube hit after escalator mishap soars to 900,000 hits

Blonde on an escalator (Pic: YouTube / ruderuderidee)

A dopey shopper has become an internet sensation after she was caught on caught on camera battling the wrong way up an escalator.Top 10 Odd Stories Of November 2011Top 10 Odd Stories Of November 2011

The well-dressed blonde seems unaware of her mistake, casually marching up the steps as bemused passers-by glide past her in the opposite direction.

As her endless trudging seems to be getting her nowhere, she starts fighting to climb the moving stairs while onlookers fail to stifle their giggles.

Eventually, the high-heeled wonder reaches out her arms and pulls herself up – still completely ignorant of the situation.


2. Brits made to pay £20,000 to get home on Comtel Air flight after ‘airline runs out of cash’ in Vienna

Comtel Air

Furious jet passengers were ordered to pay £20,000 to get back to Britain after an airline ran out of cash.

Staff marched the travellers to cashpoints after a six-hour stand-off during which they refused to leave the plane or hand over the money.

Their ordeal began when the Comtel Air flight carrying more than 180 people from Amritsar in India landed to refuel at Vienna.


3. Advertising watchdogs ban GAA’s raunchy ad campaign

Hunky Dorys sponsors of Gaelic football

This follows on from last year’s Hunky Dorys rugby campaign which received 3,000 complaints.

The Women’s Council of Ireland and the support group Renew are among those who criticised the current campaign.

The ASAI noted the common theme running through most complaints was the campaign was offensive, exploitative, tasteless, degrading and se*ist towards women and brought advertising into disrepute.


4. Woman blows £4,000 on 100 lip boosters but says pout is still “too small”

Kristina Rei, who is addicted to silicone lip implants

A beauty addict has blown £4,000 on plumping jabs to have the biggest lips in the world – but says her pout is still “too small”.Top 10 Odd Stories Of November 2011

Kristina Rei, 22, believed her “thin” lips made her ugly and aspired to look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.

In her pursuit of the perfect pout, the nail technician has had 100 silicone injections, at a cost of £40 each, but claims she still wants more.

Kristina said: “I think I look fantastic and it makes me happy.


5. We had a vampire wedding, just like in Twilight..

Erik and Victoria Downie (Pic: DM)

It was the moment that bloodsucking fans all over the world had waited for – Bella and her vampire lover Edward finally got hitched in Breaking Dawn.

In the final part of the Twilight Saga, which opened in cinemas last weekend, Bella and Edward, played by real-life lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, tie the knot with a vampire ceremony.

And for fans Victoria and Erik Downie, watching the movie revived memories of their own nuptials.


6. Samoa rugby team boss fined 100 pigs for World Cup shambles

Tuala Mathew Vaea (Pic:Getty)

As punishments go, this one’s pretty meaty…

The manager of Samoa’s rugby team has been fined 100 female pigs for disgracing his village at the World Cup in New Zealand.

Tuala Vaea was accused of going on booze binges and treating the contest as a “massive holiday”. Elders fined him the sows after they ruled he shamed Leauva village, where he’s a chief.


7. Padded bra saved mum’s life in car crash

Lisa Somerville (Pic: SWNS)

The shattered 'chicken fillets' that saved the life of Lisa Somerville (Pic: SWNS)
BUST-boosting padding in a bra – dubbed chicken fillets – saved a woman from death in a head-on car smash.

Lisa Somerville was taken to hospital with a punctured lung, cracked ribs and a broken nose.

“I was in a bad way but I was still breathing,” she said.

“As doctors peeled back my clothes to get a better look at the damage, they noticed the ­skewered ‘chicken fillets’ inside my bra. I was told that my ribs would have pierced my heart without them.”


8. Weird news round up from the Daily Mirror: Grandad finds live baby lizard in Tesco grapes

Red grapes (Pic: Getty Images)

Granddad Chris Divall was surprised to discover a live baby lizard in a bunch of Tesco grapes.

The reptile, nicknamed Malcolm, had travelled 957 miles with the fruit from Alicante, Spain.

Chris, 66, from Comberton, Cambs, said: “I was thankful it wasn’t a spider.” He later took Malcolm to be cared for at Shepreth Wildlife Park, Herts.

9. Golfer set to be awarded £400,000 in damages after being hit by a ball


A man who lost an eye through being hit by a ball during a game of golf is set to receive around £400,000 after a judge in a damages action ruled in his favour.

Novice golfer Anthony Phee, 44, was struck more than four years ago during a round at Niddry Castle golf course in Winchburgh, West Lothian.

He sued James Gordon, the man who struck the bad shot, and the golf club at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, seeking damages for the injury he suffered.

10. Reformed racist has Nazi tattoos removed in world first operation

Bryon Widner (Pic: AP)

Bryon Widner (Pic: AP)

Bryon Widner (Pic: AP)

Bryon Widner (Pic: AP)

Bryon Widner, 34, went through 16 months of laser surgery on intimidating images including several swastikas and a blood-soaked razor.

Widner’s £20,000 treatment was organised by a black campaigner when he turned away from racism after finding love and starting a family.

The dad has received death threats for exposing racists but said: “It’s a small price to pay for being human again.”

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