Top 10 Offbeat of the Day – February 6th 2012

1. ” Need a ride? ” -Sure! ” Hop in ” -OK 

Do not attempt unless you have sufficiently long legs, or risk infertility

Top 10 Offbeat of the Day - February 6th 2012

2. Tech wizards who left their heirs a fortune

Today we are a part of the fortunate era where the latest innovation becomes obsolete within few days and, in spite of such cut-throat tech war, there are such legends who were able to capture the global market and the heart of the world (hearts of the millions) with their inspirational, suave and ground-breaking technological contributions. We’ve listed such incredible tech wizards who indeed left their heirs a fortune in a way that might never be dusted upon. Take a look!

Steve Jobs

3. Harvard Law School Sells Naming Rights to Its New Bathrooms– and you won’t believe who bought them

This week, Harvard Law School unveiled its brand new Wasserstein Hall — a behemoth of a law building that will serve the needs of Harvard law students for generations, maybe even centuries. I was not invited to any of the gala events; my invitation must have been lost in the mail. But I can’t wait to see the finished product. Rumor has it that there’s a state-of-the-art debtor’s prison carved into the building’s foundation.

Falik Men's Room

4. Ballarat child squeezes inside vending machine

The Victorian child from Ballarat narrowly avoided needing to be rescued by the fire brigade after he managed to climb into the vending machine to get at the toys and lollies inside.

Noah Jeffrey

5.  9 Offbeat Countries

This is a list of countries that are not like other countries. Some countries are specific for its natural beauties, some by the demographic characteristics, some by tourist visits…Were taken into account only the sovereign countries.

Top 10 Offbeat of the Day - February 6th 2012

6. Sheep herding Swedish bunny becomes online hit

The 5-year-old pet rabbit from the small village of Kal in northern Sweden shot to online fame last week, having garnered more than 700,000 YouTube hits so far, after a clip of his sheep herding skills surfaced on a blog. He knows how to herd his masters’ flock of sheep, possibly having picked up the skill after watching trained dogs do the job.

7. Taobao Offers Boyfriends on Rent; Chinese Girls Can Now Place Orders

The offer which may surprise you about the inventiveness of the Chinese entrepreneurs is now live on Taobao. The hitherto unheard of service offers single females in China to take a rented boyfriend home for the Lunar New Year traditionally celebrated by the Chinese.

Top 10 Offbeat of the Day - February 6th 2012

8. “Don’t call me dirty,” said Snooki after peeing on a dance floor and spraying her cooch with perfume.

America’s favorite Ewok Slam Pig just literally starts peeing all over the dance floor of a club before going to the lady’s room and spraying her hooch with perfume before anyone can figure out it was her. It’s almost impressive how quickly she moves until you realize she’s done this before and left God knows how many victims in her piss-wake.

Snooki Cleavage

9. G-string wedding dress

Last week, in the midst of Berlin Fashion Week, uber-edgy German wedding dress-maker, Kaviar Gauche, showed just that. A wedding dress … sans the dress. Or really any fabric at all, if you want to get all technical.

g-string wedding dress

10. Hitler wine sales deemed legal in Austria

Top 10 Offbeat of the Day - February 6th 2012

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