Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – 1st June, 2012

Anti-gay policy…, Taxing fuel…, EU Cookie Legislation…, Hulk fan paints himself…, Gwar…, Fisherman’s prosthetic hand…, A man is saved in a crash…, Incredibly detailed murals with sharpies…, Local dog has a lawyer…, Stray dog follows bikes…

1. Eagle scout challenges Boy Scouts with 275,000 signatures demanding it change its anti-gay policy 

Eagle Scout Zach Wahls challenged the Boy Scouts of America’s anti-gay policy today when he delivered three boxes of petitions demanding change, signed by more than 275,000 people. Wahls, 20, presented the petitions during the Boy Scouts’ National Annual Meeting in Kissimmee, Fla., on behalf of Jennifer Tyrrell, an Ohio mom who was removed as the den leader of her 7-year-old son’s Cub Scout troop in April because of her sexual orientation. The Boy Scouts are the parent organization of the Cub Scouts.

2. Taxing fuel around the world

We look at how much tax makes up the cost of a litre of fuel in the UK – and how this compares to other countries.

3. How to Comply With the EU Cookie Legislation

As of last weekend, new legislation is in place to stop companies tracking user behaviour using cookies in the UK without getting consent from the user first. Although it does sound like the authorities will be lenient, and it looks like they will likely only take action if a complaint has been made, I thought I would write an article guiding you through a solution to the problem. I will explain how to implement a solution in Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Joomla and hand-coded websites relatively painlessly.

4. Hulk fan paints himself with military-grade paint, can’t understand why it won’t come off

All we have to say is, thankfully this didn’t happen in Florida. Brazilian man Paulo Henrique dos Santos is an Incredible Hulk superfan. Recently, he decided to dress as the raging superhero for an event, donning the ripped jorts and painting himself green. The thing about the Hulk is, he’s only green temporarily. Once the anger subsides, he goes back to being normal-hued Bruce Banner.

5. Gwar wants you to join Peta

PETA if you didn’t know is an organization dedicated to saving animals from becoming fur coats and many other animal products. Trying to save animals from the massacre that is the human race! It came to quite a surprise when you surf the net and find a public service announcement for PETA with baby crusher, dinosaur fighter, and spokesperson ODERUS URUNGUS of GWAR!

6. Fish swims off with Fisherman’s prosthetic hand

A wounded veteran fishing in a Florida tournament lost his prosthetic hand in a fight with a fish but it was found later when another fisherman caught the fish.

7. A man is saved in a crash by his airbag, only to die two months later, from inhaling noxious airbag fumes.

Perhaps you’ve never thought about what is inside your airbag, other than air. This story might make you wonder. In 2010, Ronald Smith of Scotland, was involved in a six-car accident, during which his airbag deployed successfully. He wasn’t hurt, even though he had been hit from behind and had struck the car in front.

8. Artist draws incredibly detailed murals with sharpies

Don’s you ever wish you could take a magic marker and simply draw things into existence? I’m talking about things like a better view for your house, new furniture or a brand new bicycle. That’s exactly what Charlotte Mann can do.

9. Local dog has a lawyer, $1,800 in savings, a facebook account and the support of many in a small New Mexico town.

Blue the dog doesn’t have a home. And he apparently doesn’t want one. But the blue-eyed Australian cattle dog has $1,800 in savings, a Facebook page and an air-conditioned dog house.

10. Stray dog follows bikes for 1,000 miles (and beats most of the cyclists)

This adorable terrier-looking pup was hanging around a group of cyclists when they took a break, so one of them gave her chicken. Well, you know what happens when you give a dog chicken: She never leaves your side again, even if you’re riding your bike from China to Tibet, covering nearly 40 miles a day and climbing 16,000-foot mountains.